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Exams Over, DMIT Fiesta Time!

Is it possible to combine learning, fun activities, prizes and good food together? Yes! In Digital Media & IT Fiesta 2009, about 200 student participants from various secondary schools came to School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) to participate in 6 different digital media and IT workshops titled “Music Fiesta”, “My Digital Playground”, “Game-novator: Make Your Own Game!”, “Creating Interactive Web Applications”, “Digital Power Tools” and “Are You Being Hacked?”. The workshops range from 2 to 5 days (from 2 – 6 Nov 2009) focusing on music creation, 3D animation, game development, web design and development and infocomm security. This Digital Media & IT Fiesta 2009 event is jointly organized with Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, iDA, and Singapore Civil Defence Force.


The instructors for these workshops are Yr 2 and 3 DMIT students of various Diploma courses. Working with the lecturers, the student instructors were given an opportunity to develop their talents and be nurtured as leaders, gaining much exposure in coaching the participants and answering their questions. The participants enjoyed a visual treat by going on a facilities tour conducted by the DMIT Student Ambassadors (STARs) and catching a good glimpse of the interesting projects done by DMIT students.


On the last day, the participants were gathered at the Hall for a fun-filled time where they can savour popcorn, candy floss, takoyaki (yes, made before your very eyes) and lively music. Having settled down after a hearty lunch, the participants were separated into teams of 10 and were dispatched for a campus-wide scavenger hunt.

With a list of 50 items, teams had a little more than an hour to find as many items as they could. Even though there was a slight drizzle, the mood was not dampened at all. Enthusiastic teams returning from their hunt were still eager to gain extra points by pulling off whatever silly stunts as instructed by cheeky facilitators.


Major Bob Tan from Singapore Civil Defence Force presenting $100 Challenger voucher prize to the winning participant.


Judging from the atmosphere, it was obvious that the Fiesta has been a success. In just a few hours, secondary students and Singapore Polytechnic students were laughing and having a good time together as they awaited the prize giving ceremony. A short introduction of the new Diploma courses was presented to the participants and 6 cute little DMIT mascot toys were given to participants who could answer the questions about the new courses. Attractive prizes such as Eng Wah movie vouchers and $100 Challenger vouchers were given to participants who did well in the workshops. Bundles of snacks were also given to winners of the scavenger hunt. Indeed, everyone went back more informed about the courses offered here, and more importantly, with the friendship bonds formed in DMIT, Singapore Polytechnic. “The workshop has helped me to make new friends from other schools and has built my self-confidence. I’ll definitely recommend my friends to join next year!” as quoted by one of the participants.



November 6th 2009



About DMIT Fiesta


DMIT Fiesta is an annual event organised by the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology for secondary school students. The Fiesta is filled with fun activities with Digital Media and Infocomm Technology workshops designed to give a taste of life @ DMIT and to expose them to the courses offered.


Our DMIT student as an instructor teaching participants from Yuan Ching Secondary School.


Participants in the Music Fiesta workshop practising for their live performance.



Participants from various Secondary Schools having a good time in the Fiesta.

Participants return home with newfound friends in DMIT.



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