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Health Promotion Board (HPB) Video-making Competition

First year students in the Diploma in Digital Media seized the opportunity to apply what they have learnt and joined the video making competition. They won the first prize and third prize in the Junior Colleges and Tertiary Institutions Category.

Sharlene Lee , Billy Jasper Havilah, and  Darren Soh won the first prize of $1000 with the video named Workplace Hygiene. The  submissions were assessed on the following criteria:

1.         Message  - Content / Relevance to Theme
2.         Overall Presentation - Creativity & originality, Video Quality, Relatability

3.         Votes - Number of votes at  and Number of views and ratings on


Sharlene (Producer) said, “Our original idea is of a guy being haunted by a voice that reminded him what was right to do. Our lecturer, Ms Jennifer Ang advised us to minimise the dialogue and we then settled on the idea about a worker who became sick to show that germs will stay on your hands if you don’t wash them properly”.


Billy (Director of Photography) shared that once the location, a restaurant in Johor Bahru was confirmed; they spent quite a lot of time testing out the lighting. He is glad that the research made a lot of difference in the video that they have produced.


Darren (Director) recalled that the Producer was sick on one location shoot and they ware seriously short of manpower for production and transportation of equipment. He also remembered another occasion where everything they filmed disappeared from the hard disk and they had to re-film all over again. He felt that they have learnt form the mistakes in this project and have gained much experience.



Sharlene and Billy (From left) assisting in Basic Videography Workshop for secondary schools and ITE.


Simoun Joseph Laquindanum David and Ng Jian Zhang won the third prize of $500 with the video titled Hygienic.


The team was working on an assignment for the module Video and Audio Fundamentals. They decided to kill two birds with one stone and submitted the video for the competition. Simoun believes that participating in the competition would enhance his portfolio, enrich his experience and perhaps win some attractive prizes.


Simoun got the idea for the story based on his experience as a child. He said, “We were naive and used to pick our noses whenever we liked. As time passed by, we became more conscious of personal hygiene. We wanted to show the impact on our lives if we choose to ignore personal hygiene. We would like to thank our friends who voted for us, helped behind the scenes and even stayed back with me to finish up the editing. Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Quek Chee Siong for his guidance”.



Ng Jian Zhang (Left) and Simoun Joseph Laquindanum David




November 16th 2009


About Good Hygiene, For teh Win! Video-making Competition


The Health Promotion Board (HPB) organise a “Good Hygiene, For the Win!” a Video-making Competition that aims to remind youth on the importance of personal hygiene and social responsibility in a light-hearted and yet educational way. This competition is open to all youth studying in Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, and Tertiary Institutions.


From left: Billy Jasper Havilah, Darren Soh , and  Sharlene Lee


From left: Billy Jasper Havilah, Sharlene Lee , and  Darren Soh



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