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Lights, Camera, Action In Korea!

When New York University Tisch Asia lecturer Matthew Siegel put out a call to find three lucky students to join him on the DINFAC 2009 international filmmaking and acting camp, organised by the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts in Korea from 2 to 9 August, aspiring talents from educational institutions all over Singapore responded.

Many interviews later, the final list of names was confirmed: Badron Bin Adnan, Benjamin Ng and Farhana Binte Ja’afar—all of whom are Diploma in Digital Media graduates from Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

Farhana—who by the way is among three Malay students to be awarded the MDA scholarship recently—thought it was pretty cool that all three of the selected students were from SP. “We are pretty honoured to be given this opportunity!”

The trio soon found themselves among a pretty diverse group of people from Korea, Vietnam, China and Thailand.

All shared a passion for filmmaking and acting though, and they soon immersed themselves in classes, group discussions, projects and a talent show. By the end of the camp, they would produce two videos, one- and three-minutes in length.

There were also lighter moments during the camp, such as when the participants got to visit the Palace and Seoul Towers and eat a meal in an authentic Korean restaurant.

On the second-last day of the camp, the participants all got together to present their videos. “It ended with a prize giving session,” Farhana revealed, and added: “Badron and Ben’s group clinched the Special Prize for International Awards.”

Caught on Camera: (From left) Benjamin Ng, Badron Bin Adnan and Farhana Binte Ja'afar just having fun.
(Top left photo) Badron (third from right), Benjamin (seated), Farhana (fourth from right) and their fellow camp participants pose for a photo in a studio. (Right photo) They got to test their skills behind a camera and pick up a few tips. (Bottom left photo) Benjamin also picked up a light injury to his knee because he was so focused on getting his shot.
Korean Connection:
Badron (second row, fourth from left), Benjamin (second row, third from left) and Farhana (first row, leftmost) with their newfound friends.


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