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What does it take to champion a cause for the community at large? Look no further for the answer. The champion is in our midst, in Singapore Polytechnic! He is none other than Steven Li Yan, a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) who won the Community Champion Award 2009 for his active involvement in promoting and championing Microsoft technology and software to the community.

Steven is a Year 2 student in the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) course, concurrently pursuing a Diploma Plus programme. He is a very independant, resourceful and motivated young man who takes a lot of initiative in understanding and using technology and devices. For example, he explored developing a mobile application using Windows Mobile on his own when he first came across it as an MSP.

Needless to say, Steven has been actively promoting Microsoft technologies in his role as a Microsoft Student Partner. He has given talks in the official Windows 7 launch with Microsoft in Suntec City, and in InstallFest in an MSP-Infocomm Club event. In one of the many MSP meetings with other MSPs from other tertiary institutions in Microsoft, he also shared how information can be exchanged between Visual Basic and Excel and vice versa.

One of his highlights as a Micorsoft Student Partner is the talk cum demo on Windows 7 which he presented during the recent Microsoft Faculty Roundtable, an event which involved many of the academic faculty staff from all the tertiary institutions in Singapore. Steven was also voted as the best speaker at the Faculty Roundtable event.


Well done Steven, keep up the enthusiasm! We are very proud of you in the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology.

Steven presenting Windows 7 at the Microsoft Faculty Round Table

Steven receiving the Community Champion Award 2009


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