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Reflection on Overseas Internship in Wuhan, China

Doing my internship in Wuhan, China has really opened up new doors and opportunities for me.

I have learned to be independent, self-reliant and confident in whatever task I was given to do.

Being a Malay student, I was hesitant about going to China for my internship. Food was a major

concern; but thankfully, there are Halal restaurants to serve the needs of Muslim there.


The job that I was doing in Wuhan is very interesting. I was given the chance to handle various

Operating Systems (OS) and also OS of different languages. Working in a foreign environment

has allowed me to understand the style of working and a whole new way of communicating with

the people there. The working system in Wuhan is not as tough as I thought it would be. The staff

in the company is very down-to-earth, very friendly and approachable. Just when I thought

communication would be a problem, I was wrong. The staff knows how to speak in English, even

if it’s not fluent, but it’s good enough to be understood.


Doing overseas internship is a once in a lifetime experience for me. If I am given the opportunity to

return to work there, I will surely grab it. Being away from Singapore and the comfort of home was

a difficult decision at first, and trying to adapt to the weather and environment was tough too, but as

time passes by, everything became normal. I can proudly say that I made a good choice, one that

certainly enriches my learning experience here in Singapore Polytechnic.


Zunnurain Bin Abdul Rahman aka Zureen

Diploma in Information Technology

December 2009













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