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EL-Centre combines energy monitoring, controlling and scheduling of appliances’ operation times and does detailed data analysis of electrical consumption patterns.

It is a smart home system which can control and schedule household appliances remotely and measure its power consumption. Users will be able to know exactly how much they are spending on electricity, down to individual appliances, and whether they are keeping to their planned budget. With the measured values, users are able to monitor and analyze their usage.

In addition, EL-Centre has a social networking component which allows users to compare their electrical consumption with others online and also find out, based on mined data, the most energy efficient appliances. All these contribute to helping users inculcate energy-saving habits.

Supervisor: Mr Low Jin Kiat (Phone: 6772 1921)

DIT Team Members: Terence Long Shi Jie (leader), Shek Yu Hong, Budiman, Neo Wei

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Management of Electricity Consumption

Management of Electricity Consumption and Budgeting


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