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Social Media Sharing Session on 27th January 2010

The First Social Media Sharing Session was organised by the Principles of New Media Marketing Module Team on 27th January 2010. The Principles of New Media Marketing is a new module that was introduced to the Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) course with the aims to introduce to DBIT students on the important of using social media tools in marketing and brand building, and industry practices of the social media. The students had an enjoyable day listening to re-known blogger Mr Brown and speakers from,, Nuffnang and Brandtology that actively use social media in their organisations.


On the 27 Jan afternoon, the MLT9 was packed wth people. Apart from the 120 Year Two students from DBIT, there were other excited students and staff from School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT), School of Business (SB) and School of Communication Arts & Social Sciences (CASS) who attended the Social Media Sharing Session. The co-founder of Nuffnang, Mr Cheo Ming Shen also brought eight of his young colleagues to join the sharing session., mrbrown,, Nuffnang and Brandtology came down to Singapore Polytechnic on the afternoon of Wednesday, 27th January 2010. Most notably, there were lots of buzz particularly about a famous local blogger Lee Kin Mun aka mrbrown days before the event.

The Singapore’s famous blogger was greeted with loud humorous cheers of “brown brown, brown brown…” during his start of presentation. mrbrown shared many striking insights of how he began his chapters of his podcasting career. His various entertaining podcasts were played during the presentation.

Five speakers: Mr Cheo Min Shen, Mr Alvin Lim, Mr U-Zyn Chua, mrbrown and Mr Kelly Choo (from left to right)

Alvin Lim, Marketing Manager from advised the students to be cautious about anything that are posted online because friends may also take it out and show it to others who may be your unintended audience. But still, for wannabe writers, writing is a good for personal portfolio but content should be clean.

Nuffnang is Asia-Pacific’s first blog advertising community. Boss Ming shared his business journey and how he allowed advertisers to reach out to the thousands of blog entries that sign up with Nuffnang. Boss Ming gave a surprising fact. “The honest truth is that most people who read blogs are actually females. In Singapore, according to our stats, 90% of people who read blogs are females.” He explained how bloggers can earn income. “You can sign up with us and put a piece of code in your blog to allow different ads to appear in your blog… We’ve managed to maintain a 97% rate of exclusivity, which means that you only have our ads.”

What drives U-Zyn to create a top blog aggregator website for Singaporean bloggers is because he enjoys reading local blogs including BrownTown (now called the mrbrown show). His created artificial intelligence (AI) where all blog entries can be classified based on certain keywords. With this AI, other bloggers can also classify, explore something new and customize the kind of topics they prefer to read.

There are many things to learn from these five individuals who range from young entrepreneurs, professional bloggers to executives that have been engaging the social media for their organizations. For DBIT students, it was an eye-opener of how new media marketing policies and operations are like in companies.

The Sharing Session attracted many students

January 27th 2010



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