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Infocomm Industry Day

The Gala dinner night for the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) saw distinguised individuals being conferred top IT awards for their accomplisments this year. Preceding the annoucements of the winners, the SP student produced videos about the awards and the winners were screened, in the presence of various ministers and SCS illuminaries.

Two Singapore Polytechnic School of DMIT (Digital Media and Infocomm Technology) students straddled their busy assignment schedules to storyboard, film, and edit the series of interviews with SCS judges and winners, dedicating a deservedly 'visual effects' look to the background of the interviewees.

Student Mohamed Fahmy described that he envisioned SCS needed a polished, high-tech look to the interview videos, instead of the mundane 'office look' of most corporate videos he had come across. Together with student Jerome Chua Meng Ern, they utilised what they have learnt in their production for visual effects module, and shot the interviewees on a green screen background, so that motion graphics can be added later in editing. This is the same technique used by movie to give the effect of actors on an impossible backdrop, like an alien planet.

The Awards Gala Night sees a who's who in the local IT industry

Working through the tight schedule did not deter the efforts put in by the students as they created the backdrop from scratch using Adobe's After Effects software. The final video added much splendour to match the glamour of the Gala Night, as feedback to SCS was very encouraging. There were many compliments for the videos, particularly towards the creative inputs of the look of the videos.

As a token of appreciation, the Singapore Computer Society also presented the 2 students who worked tirelessly on the videos with a plaque of appreciation each.

Singapore Polytechnic is proud to be supporting SCS Awards GALA NIGHT

The glamourous dinner show

SP Student Fahmy receiving his plaque

SP Student Jerome receving his plaque

SP staff and students with the SCS committee



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