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"Your Choice. Make a Difference."

Seah Jian Ling's title "Your Choice. Make a Difference" has been selected by NEA for their Public Communications Brochure. This design was initially submitted as an assignment and eventually won a bronze prize in a Digital Art competition organized by the British Council. It was later released and resubmitted as an EZ-Link Design competition organized by NEA and came in as a winning entry. Jian Ling is currently studying under the Diploma in Digital Media. Congratulations, Jian Ling!

The following are Jian Ling's comments about his own work:

"I actually got my design's inspiration from a cigarette pack. Negative gruesome pictures are printed on cigarette packaging to warn and discourage smoking.

The concept of choosing between the Positive or Negative result/move is injected into my design.

I hope my selected work will raise the awareness of the issue (global warming) and also inspire others to create designs related or to tackle the problem/issue.

I also feel thankful for the teachers guiding me.

For future students who are joining into the School of DMIT, be creative and look around the environment and human relationships around you for inspiration and ideas.

Try not to be close minded and stick to 1 good idea you've thought of, because you might have missed out the other 999 good ideas. Be open to other designs and suggestions might lead to better results compared to the initial one.'

Jian Ling's original write up for this artwork is as follows:

"My initial idea was to create 2 pictures of opposite meaning or different perspective art and place them side by side to show the contrast. Additionally, a simple caption of “YOUR CHOICE. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.” is added in the center of the 2 picture, which literally means that we are capable of making a choice between the TOP and BOTTOM world.

The theme ‘Climate Cool in the Urban jungle’ gave me the image of cities surrounding by beautiful plants and clear sky.

Hence the top part of my work shows the combination of city buildings and many varies species of plants and flower. And the clear blue sky with clouds.

But at present, with human influences, there are a lot of emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) which depletes ozone gas (O3). All of these cause the green house effect. Therefore I include these as a form of text art into my work.

Large-Scale deforestation also contributes to the green house effect, therefore I exclude the plants out of picture at the bottom.

The bottom part of my work has only dark grayish gradient to showcase the negative side of climate changes.

Seah Jian Ling

Your Choice. Make A Difference



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