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DMIT students to intern at Hollywood, USA

The NUS-MDA Singapore Hollywood Attachment Programme is sponsored by the Interactive & Digital Media Institute, NUS and Media Development Authority of Singapore. The programme is a 3 to 6 months attachment in USA for industry professionals, tertiary students & recent graduates, who have keen interest to widen their exposure in the interactive & digital media industry.

Though the programme was launched in 2006 for NUS students, application was only open to polytechnic students/graduates in October 2009. Nine students from the Diploma in Digital Media and Diploma in Information Technology have been selected and they will be the first batch of polytechnic students embarking on this internship attachment with prestigious institutions like UCLA and the University of Southern California.

Below is an excerpt from two students, Vicki Lau and Tan Jian Bao, from the Diploma in Digital Media (Computer Generated Effects option), who are given the prestigious opportunity to intern at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Theater, Film and Television. During their 5-month internship, they will receive training in pre-production and post-production visualization and will be working with a team of professionals creating non-linear, location-based content for mobile devices.

These two students made it through a vigorous selection process based on their academic achievements, portfolio and interviews. In addition to interview by the School of DMIT, representatives from NUS-IDMI and MDA also interviewed the students. The final interview was conducted over Skype with the host organisation, UCLA.

It all started with a number of posters within the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology brilliantly displaying this fantastic internship opportunity. I was thrilled to learn that my lecturer, Mr Kenny Ong has nominated me for selection by the DMIT panel. Mr Kenny Ong said, "Vicki is an avid and studious student who is also enrolled in the diploma-plus programme".

I was sourcing for an internship in the United States on my own and the NUS-MDA Hollywood Attachment Program presented itself as the perfect opportunity for me to intern right there. I am grateful for the support from National University of Singapore's IDM Institute (NUS-IDMI), Media Development Authority (MDA), and my school.

I believe this would be a splendid add-on to the new Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics! I owe it to all my school lecturers and SP Videography Club members and officers who have helped me in many ways. It's good to know that there are people out there who are willing to work hard for us students to maximise our potential, local or abroad.

Vicki Lau

I was nervous before the interview but somehow I managed to pull through. For the local interview, I was required to prepare a demo reel. Using my school assignments, I was able to piece together a short video. The key is to keep it short and sweet. Mr Kenny Ong said, "Jian Bao is an eager and passionate student who is always ready to help the weaker ones". As for the Skype interview, I just needed to take note of the different time zone and make sure I am wearing something appropriate during the video conference. First impression is always important. I am glad that the interview went smoothly.

I would like to thank everyone who made this internship possible - including my family, school and friends for giving me their support and advice. I am honoured to be a part of this program.

Tan Jian Bao

Vicki and Jian Bao are eagerly looking forward to April 2010 as they prepare to embark on the overseas internship experience. Expectations are set high as the two endeavour to grasp new skills and techniques only possible abroad; whilst adapting to the new, bustling environment of Los Angeles. Being immersed in a different culture, this trip would definitely open their minds to new ideas and inspiration.

We wish them all the best in their upcoming internship at UCLA, USA!

Students and parents with DMIT Director, Deputy Directors, and Course Management Team Members

From Left to Right: Mr. Quek Chee Siong (DDM Course Chairman), Su Xiangting, Vicki Lau, Goh Pei Ying, Tan Jian Bao, and Ms. Wendy Lee (Deputy Director, Digital Media)

From Left to Right: Mr. Quek Chee Siong (DDM Course Chairman), Tan Jian Bao, Vicki Lau at Render2010 DDM & DMAT Graduation Show

From left to right, DIT Game Development Option students: Zhang Jing Quan, Geraldine Au, Mr. Mark Gossage (Lecturer), Chang Zhi Yao, Tan Yao Wei, Mr. Alvin Tang (DIT GD Option Manager) 



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