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Never "trailing" behind

Average is a word that definitely does not describe Ong Wan Jun, a graduate from the Diploma in Multimedia Technology (renamed as Diploma in Digital Media). Within two years of working at MediaCorp TV as a Promo Producer, her hard work has been rewarded through winning the Best Programme Promo at The Star Awards 2010 as well as Best Interactive Promo at Promax/BDA Asia 2009.

Wan Jun was tasked with developing and producing a promo trailer for Channel 8’s “Don’t Forget The Lyrics”. This short 53-second trailer has opened up many more doors in her career.

Wan Jun’s expertise lies in conceptualizing ideas, storyboarding, directing the camera, and post-production. These skills were honed through elective modules taken from the Audio/Video Production cluster.  She also assisted in production of several videos, notably the documentary on the IOC President's visit to Singapore for the Youth Olympic Games 2010 signing ceremony.  She was also part of the crew that provided live-feed for National Day Parade 2007.

Wan Jun with her award

Wan Jun with Cai Ying during the IOC President's visit to Singapore

Wan Jun with classmates and lecturer - NDP 2007

Although two years have passed since she graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2008, Wan Jun has not forgotten her roots. A humble student at heart, she is very thankful for the patience and guidance her lecturers have shown.

“I would really like to express my gratitude to all lecturers who have taught me during my three years in SP! Even though I’ve always been an average student, but the skills and knowledge imparted to me from lecturers, have really given me an edge in my career” quipped Wan Jun.

However, she would not have won the award if it were not for the opportunities that were given by her superior. Being fresh and inexperienced in the industry, her superior was initially apprehensive about handing her the project.

She was able to rise to the occasion largely because of her experience in the Final Year Project (FYP). “It was quite stressful to work with a professional crew who have been in the industry for many years. But I must say it was easier than our FYP because budget, crew and talents are from the company. Hence, I could concentrate on the tasks at hand and whenever I felt pressurized at work, I will think of the FYP days. Those times were tougher!” she exclaimed.

Remembering SP

"Initially, I was anxious about my performance as I was the only SP graduate in the team. The elective modules I have taken may not be comparable to colleagues who have graduated from specialised programs in film, sound or video. This motivated me as Singapore Polytechnic has equipped me with the necessary skills and I feel that we could be just as good, or even more outstanding than the others”, added Wan Jun.

Not only has the course fuelled her passion in video and audio production, it has also provided her with a well-rounded set of skills. For Wan Jun, SP was a stepping stone to her career, from internship to her current position! It is a DREAM COME TRUE!

Watch the award winning trailer at

Looking up to scale greater heights

NDP2007- The show must go on

About Star Awards and Promax/BDA Awards

The Star Awards is an annual awards ceremony organised by MediaCorp to honour the best performing individuals and works by MediaCorp artists and staff on MediaCorp Channel 8 and MediaCorp Channel U. Winners ared decided by both a professional panel and viewers, via online voting.

The Promax/BDA Awards recognises the best creative marketing campaigns in the entertainment industry.



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