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Amazingly talented students performed this classic horror story

Written by Sharifah Muafah Bte Syed Mustaffa (School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technolgy)

On 27 April 2010, the School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) presented their first Monkey’s Paw play at Singapore Polyetchnic Auditorium. It was the first time CASS collaborated with students from School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) to produce a play in Singapore Polytechnic. The play was held over three consecutive days and it was opened to the public for free.

Simone Khoo with cast and special effects team

I attended the play with a bunch of enthusiastic friends on the second day. This is the first time I am attending a play and was curious as to what awaits me. The moment the lights dimmed and the play started, I was completely amazed with what I was watching. The whole stage were brilliantly designed as a cosy living room; with everything perfectly aligned and arranged. Kudos to those who worked on the set; for I must say that the designers have covered every detail. The actors/actresses gave a superb performance and brought up their characters wholly with passion.

There was definitely something else that added realism to the play - visual effects. The blazing fire from the fireplace, the changing scenes from the window and the scenic background from behind the house were visual effects that were contributed by our own students from the school of DMIT.

Stormy Night

A team of four consisting of Marissa Lim, Ahmad Adil Irfan, Kang Kai An and Zaidi Hussain were behind the visual effects for the play. Zaidi and Kai An teamed up to create the realistic effects for the fireplace whereas Ahmad and Marissa jointly worked on the weather transition effects for the window. They used tools commonly used in industry such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premier Pro to create the fascinating effects. I was astonished at how seamlessly the monitors were integrated into the set.

According to Marissa, these students initially thought they were tasked to create the effects for a game, only to find out that it was definitely for something more serious – a play!

In addition to producing the effects, they also had to attend the rehearsals in order to synchronize the display of effects with the dialogue. Everything has to be perfectly timed as each scene transitioned to the next. The students were supervised by Mr Christian James, lecturer from the Visual Effects Section.

The play was a success as the audience greeted them with satisfaction after the show. The time-consuming preparation to produce an overwhelming array of effects by the whole team was well-received. They played a key role in making this play a success with visual effects complementing the good acting. Kudos to the students from CASS for raising the bar for amateurs. I salute the DMIT students, the unsung heroes (no pun intended) for a splendid performance which left me enthralled.

Ominous sign

Fearful Creature

Entertaining guests

Scenic View

13 May 2010

About Monkey's Paw

The story of how a monkey’s paw acts like a cult object that grants you three wishes; yet each comes with a price to pay. A short horror story back in the 1902, it was written by an English author named W.W Jacobs. The story has since been turned into famous plays, films and even as a radio play.



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