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DIT Model Student is an Aspiring Entrepreneur

When Chan Xiang Ju first came into the Singapore Polytehnic's (SP) Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) course 3 years ago, he toyed with the idea of being his own boss but little did he know how big an impact the DIT course would have on him.

Three years, 15 As and 6 Distinctions later, and armed with a Diploma with Merit and graduation prize award, Xiang Ju not only has his academic record to be proud of, he has also developed into an all-rounded person that won him the SP Model Student award.

Xiang Ju receiving his Model Student Award from Principal Mr Tan Hang Cheong

The various competitions he took part in, like the Microsoft Imagine Cup Photography and Software Design categories, have further enhanced his innovative mind. That was in 2008, when he and another teammate were placed top 6 in the world in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Photography Invitational Finals which was held in Paris. They became the first ever Singapore team to qualify for the prestigious competition, which is commonly dubbed as the Olympics of a technology competition for students.

Xiang Ju and teamate Gan Soon Bing (second from right) winning the Photography category in Microsoft Imagine Cup Singapore Finals

Building on his interests in videography, photography, music and the arts, Xiang Ju is the founding member and President of the Videography Club in SP. He led his Club to produce numerous outstanding photographs and videos not only for SP but also for NTUC Cleaners' Day, showcasing the transformation and mechanization of the cleaning industry. Xiang Ju is also an avid volunteer at a registered charity arts group called “The A Cappella Society”. He is currently the technical director and oversees the various technical needs of the organization, ranging from the website, all the way to their Audio-Visual needs.

Xiang Ju says that "in the DIT course, we were exposed to technologies that shaped us to be innovators. Through our projects and assignments, we learnt to adapt to the fast moving knowledge-based economy of today, preparing us well for the world.'

Now Xiang Ju wants to take the Final Year Project - PEN21 - a step further - to set up a company to commercialize it! The Inno Village - an incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs in SP - may well be soon buzzing with this young man's drive and enthusiasm.

Xiang Ju with PEN21at the FYP Showcase



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