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Making of AIFOOTBALL GGOMasterclass

06 July 2010

The futuristic football cartoon series “AI FOOTBALL GGO” was created by Puzzle Animation Studios Ltd and was released on 3 June 2010 to over 60 countries in conjunction with the World Cup 2010.

Four Students from the school of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology had their hand in this international production as part of their 17-week-long Internship at the studio in Shenzhen, China.

All geared up to see what their seniors did in this International Cartoon Series.

Valuable tips on animation series production and project management made up the gist of the masterclass and Mr. Gordon Chin, Creative Director of Puzzle Animation Studios Ltd, Shenzhen, China, shared them with the audience in a frank, no holes-barred session.

Mr Chin took time out from his busy schedule to spend his whole day exclusively at SP. In the morning, he shared his knowledge with the DDM Final Year Students in an informal session and gave critiques for them to improve their projects. It was lively and the students benefitted most from his frank and outward disposition. He also shared his upcoming projects due in 2011 and 2012 and the students had an exclusive glimpse of these productions.

Cosy yet serious sharing session at our Drawing Studio

A DDA Student, Wan Ying, asked Mr Chin what are the qualities he looks for in selecting artists for his studio and he replied “Experience is not the key factor in deciding if a person gets the job. He can get the job but that does not mean he can stay in the job. Passion is what I am looking for. Passion is what drives a person and stay in this industry.”

As the morning session was just a short one, the students got hungry for more knowlegde and returned to his masterclass talk at the SP Auditorium in the afternoon.

Experience is nothing without Passion.

At the SP Auditorium, Mr Chin began his masterclass by showing the making of “AI Football GGO” from concept to production. All eyes were on the amazing talent of his artists’ drawings brought to life by a mixture of tradional and digital animation.

The second part of the masterclass also benefitted the industry partners invited to the talk. The topic of “Business & Marketing Management of an Animation Production” finished the session leaving the attendees feeling a sense of satisfaction as its not just about art, it was also a lesson on survival.

Mr Chin added that his studio would not have been able to complete the project in time if not for the efforts of our SP Internship students. Mr Chin ended his talk by declaring his intention of coming back to SP for future sharing sessions with the students, staff and industry partners. The audience applauded in pride knowing that their seniors did SP proud, and a few approached Mr Chin for a brief chat after the talk, as they too wanted their names to travel 60 countries and beyond.

Credits for Singapore Polytechnic, on top of the individual students’ names.



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