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Visit to Double Negative Singapore

30 July 2010

Double Negative Visual Effects is one of the foremost visual effects studios in the world. Our students from the Diploma in Digital Animation had a recent opportunity to have a firsthand glimpse into the world of visual effects.

Situated in the technological hub of Fusionopolis, Double Negative Singapore is the Singapore branch of the award winning studio. With the parent company situated in London, Double Negative has established itself as one of the foremost effects houses with significant contributions in the visual effects of various Hollywood blockbusters, e.g. Iron Man 2, Inception, Harry Potter, Green Zone.

Double Negative Visual Effects

During the visit, our DDA students were given special treats to in-house reels of the latest works completed by the studio. They were also taken on a guided tour of the various departments and had the opportunity to interact with Double Negative staff to gain invaluable insights into how the wizardry of these visual feats was created.

As all the projects were highly sensitive or are currently ongoing, the students and staffs were reminded not to divulge what they have seen and all had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This also helped our students to understand the importance of respecting and protecting intellectual property – an extremely important aspect of business in the industries.

By the end of the tour, our students were visibly awed by the intricacies in the creation of the effects and immense skills demonstrated by the visual effects artists. This visit had certainly served as an eye-opener and helped expanded the knowledge of our DDA students. We hope, in time, our students will be the ones involved in the creation of the elements in these mega blockbusters.

Group shot at the end of the visit



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