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Clash Of The Bands

13 July 2010

TCM Examinations Centre, Project M, and Singapore Polytechnic (DMIT) proudly present CLASH of the BANDS, a ROCK and POP Music Band Competition, with a difference! This event is to be held on 4th and 10th July 2010 (semi finals and finals respectively) at Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium. The distinguished judges for CLASH of the BANDS consists of Mr. Iskandar Ismail (Singapore's Premier Music Composer and Director), Mr. Gerald Lim (SP DMIT Lecturer, Producer & Musician), and Mr. Taufan (Director of Jakarta Drum School)

The event was a tremendous success!  An overwhelming 52 band entries were received! All to compete for Top Cash Prizes totalling to almost $8,000.00 plus free ROCKSCHOOL exams.  Entries were subsequently narrowed down to 15 bands for the Open Category, and 6 bands for Youth Category to compete during the semi finals and finals respectively.


The bands came and they rocked!


The competition between the Open Category semi finalists was extremely close as each band has its own distinct character and strength. Even the judges had a tough time deliberating the results.  After much consideration, 8 bands were chosen to advance to the finals, joining the 6 bands from the Youth Category.


The judges!


Our very own entry to the competition "Pixel Apartment" did very well and landed themselves a place in the finals. Formed with 8 students from DMIT’s DMAT course, the band practiced really hard for the competition and is proud to be one of the finalist bands!


Pixel Apartment, the band from Singapore Poly’s DMAT Course



The auditorium packed in the screaming fans and decorative lighting added to the atmosphere of the event.  It is evident that all the bands have upped their standards as the crowd was energetically cheering and singing along with the bands.  The performers definitely know how to engage their audience.  CLASH OF THE BANDS was a sensational event indeed!




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