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A Music Feast with the Music Masters!

It is indeed a Music Feast for students of the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology.

This year, DMAT has organized an outstanding event to break the monotonous daily classroom lessons. It is unexpectedly packed into a one-week programme made up of seminars and workshops, all related to music and audio.

The DMAT Masterclass Series lasted through 6 days from 29th June 2010 – 3rd July 2010. The seminars and workshops provided a vast coverage of knowledge that includes music business, asian music, musicianship and performance ethics, musical songwriting, music production, electro-acoustic, music publishing and copyright, and sound design.


More than 100 students participated all the workshops. It was a good experience and environment brought into the polytechnic where students felt a sudden uplift in their learning from school.


Not forgetting, several DMAT alumni participated in most of the sessions too.


As claimed by Andre (DMAT alumni class of ‘08) "I purposely took leave from work to attend these sessions because I know it costs a high price if I were to attend these professional masterclasses out there! It’s amazing how I could attend these for free here in DMAT!"

A Talk on Malay music by Dr. Larry Hilarian from NIE


A great deal of insights was shared by the range of professionals from various Music & Audio Industry. Highlights of the week included famous music producer, Lee Sisong, Marketing director Simon Nasser from Warner, Film Sound Specialist from India, Neelesh Bahatia, Drummer Mohamed Noor, Juwita Suwito and Band from Malaysia and not forgetting, Musical Theatre Limited. Coincidently, almost every speaker stressed to DMAT students the importance of passion and commitment to their craft.


Students of the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology had the opportunity to receive answered and sharings directly by these professionals where many questions triggered in depth discussions. On the whole, it was an eye opening experience for the students and many of them felt inspired to pursue their craft!

Various music professionals giving their truthful insights on every aspect including music business, marketing and promotion.


Simon from Warner Music shared his experiences with no barriers to the younger generation. He explained clearly on successful marketing strategies and even unsecessful ones that was a real surprise to many DMAT students.



Simon Nasser Marketing Director of Warner Music


Workshops that involves some hands-on participation from DMAT students too! These hands-on workshops created a whole lot of fun in students’ learning.


Professional Musician, Mohamed Noor has brought DMAT students into a journey and experience of reconciling asian music into pop music. It was an eye opener for everyone, knowing that there are no gaps in between the asian and pop music.





Not forgetting, students and lecturers from DMAT can’t resist the opportunity to participate in a jamming session with few of the professional musicians too!


Lecturers jamming with Mohamed Noor, Singapore’s well known drummer & percussionist.


Lee Si Song and Jay explaining on the strategic movements of venturing into the Chinese pop music scene.



Question and Answer session with Lee Si Song

The masterclasses were very insightful and inspiring. The experiences shared by the guest taught me useful life lessons and career advice. In a way, it is like learning outside the classroom within a classroom. I do hope that there will be more in the future. It's not everyday you get to meet and learn from an industry professionals (besides our lecturers of course). In my opinion I think it's a good way for us to make contacts - networking, if you will. – Chery, DMAT Year 2


"Learning vocal techniques is really something new to me! I never such techniques before." Shafie, DMAT Year 1


A live performance by Juwita Suwito and band all the way from Malaysia. They have opened the eyes and ears of DMAT students to understand ways and approaches from being a solo musician to a band musician.


Juwita Suwito and Band performing her original tune

"If all 140 of us wanted the same job, why makes you stand out?" – Shueh-Li, Professional Theremenist & keyboardist.

Josh and Wagner demonstrating on how a bassist and a drummer should work closely together.

Technical skills being introduced to students.

Gerald from COMPASS

Neelesh showcasing the wonderful impact of Sound and Music in film



"Entertainment is a lifestyle, you've gotta live it to do it" – Lim Sek, Music and Movement



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