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A Community Involvement for Needy Children

04 July 2010

Ten years and running, the 2010 Streetwise Run was held on the 4th of July basing itself in Zouk’s car parks, where 40 first year Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) students were involved in both the planning and running major parts of the event.

The Streetwise Run is an event, consisting of a run and a concert and organized by Beyond Social Services, which serves as their Annual Youth Day Celebration and main fund-raising event. The funds raised go towards programmes for youth and children affected by police arrests, secondary school dropouts, pregnant teens, and children who are abused.


Running for a charity cause

Eager and raring to go, the DMAT students helped out in five main areas –Coaching, Banner Painting, Artist Management, Welfare, and Logistics.

The Coaches hold the responsibility of coaching children from Beyond Social Services, preparing them for a short performance on the day of the run. Admittedly, settling the children down was difficult, but their hard work and perseverance paid off in the end when their performance was a success, and they had fun working with the children.

The backdrop on the stage


Speaking for itself, the Logistics team was basically in charge of shifting things around stage and making sure that the different artists got what they needed for their performances.


The Logistics crew preparing for the performance

The Artist Managers were involved with the planning of the whole line up of the concert, as well as making sure that the artists they were assigned were well taken care of. Some of the students expressed that it was a "good learning experience managing the different artists and being responsible for them". They experienced first hand how much effort goes into planning a simple concert.



The Welfare team had the most tiring job – making sure that everyone was well taken care of.euro;€ Running around making sure 40 plus people – including the artist managers and their artists - were well hydrated and well fed was obviously no joke.



Painting the backdrop for the stage, on which the concert took place, was the Banner Painting team’s job. "Painting was very tiring! Nonetheless, it was very satisfying seeing our hard work displayed on stage for everyone to see," explained one of the student’s in the painting team.

Painting the backdrop for the stage


All in all, everyone had their fare share of fun – be it learning something new or just helping out and feeling good about it. In the end, what mattered most was knowing that "we’d helped make a difference in someone’s life."

Deborah Lee


About Streetwise Run

The Streetwise Run began in 2001 as Beyond’s Annual Youth Day Celebration and main fund-raising event. From 2005 to 2008, it was known as the MilkRun as the MILK Fund assisted us with the fund raising aspect of the event. This year, in the light of the economic slowdown, the MILK Fund will not be conducting any fund-raising activities and so our Annual Youth Day Celebration is once again known as the Streetwise Run.

We have called it the Streetwise Run because the funds raised will go towards a range of social service programmes that nurture resilience in young people, keeping them in school and out of trouble. Thus, when youths hit the streets, they will do so wisely.

The Artist Managers conducting sound tracking for each stage performance

The Coaches training the kids for performance

DMAT students getting instructions from the organiser

Claudia gathering the students for performance

Preparing the kids for the next performance

Listening to Annabelle Ip




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