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14th August 2010

It happened this year, this time. The Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee is committed to make the first-ever Youth Olympic Games a success from the 14th – 26th of August 2010.

On 14th August 2010, DMAT took its stand together with the nation, with 2 current DMAT students and a former student who played a part in music and dance for the opening ceremony.

Nurstasha Arifin Wong (year 1) and Ng Shun Yi (graduate) are both involved in playing for the ceremonies. Nurstasha plays the bass guitar in an all-girl-band for the ‘Monster’ segment of the opening ceremony.

The background of this segment is a story about youth nowadays who faces the "Monsters" that is their inner fears and struggles. However, with the rising spirit to conquer these fears, youth who dares to dream dreams with the spirit of excellence, will birth champions who gets nothing in the way but to cross the finishing line.

Nurstasha was selected by professional bassist – Din Safari to be part of this band. The band played a cover tune, "Hero" that was arranged by Local Musician – Iskandar Ismail. This song was recorded and played live by Nurstasha and her band. It was an intensed and soaring moment for the band to play such an enthusiastic piece and it sure did raise a high-levelled energy on stage!



The ‘Monster’ Segment

The energy continues with a Hip Hop and B-Boy Dance segment. Year 1 student, Gordon Chea Yi Xiong was one of the core group dancer made up of 5 dancers. It was a challenge to perform their stunts on a wet platform.

The group nailed their item with a dance progression that ranges from the early 80’s to the current modern Hip Hop dance styles. euro;€

They were supervised under the choreography of Ryan, a.k.a. ‘oldmamn’ founder of Oschool Dance School. Given a short period of 3 months for practice, Gordon and team have done a fanstastic performance making the show happen.

Breaking and dancing in the pool of water (far left:Gordon Chea)


"I definitely felt happy and priviledged to be part of this prominent event. Although it was tough and tiring coping with all the rehearsals and practices, I felt that it was fun and fulfilling, having to learn from the best and be part of the best too!

Most importantly, through this event, I’ve learned about being committed to our country and our nation, making it happen for Singapore!" – Gordon Chea Yi Xiong


Gordon and his dance group taking a rest during the rehearsals

"I feel proud to have been a part of history since this is the 1st YOG opening ceremony ever! It was amazing to play a role in welcoming the world to Singapore.

The song that we played had very challenging skills, but I am happy being able to achieve it in such a short time.

Most interestingly, I made friends with several local and world musicians! It was so enlightening learning from their musical perspectives.

This is a real experience!" – Nurstasha Wong

Ready to rock the stage with outstanding millennium costumes!!

(far left:Nurstasha Wong)


When there is a great opening, we shall wait for the best closing too!

Stay tuned and find out more on the YOG Closing Ceremony.

This time, our very own graduate, Ng Shunyi will be showcasing his original tune entitled "SLAM" on the international YOG Stage.

Nurstasha and Gordon will also be performing on the stage once again, for the pride of Singapore!


The YOG stage where Nurstasha, Gordon and Shunyi performs

Part of the Hip Hop item

Part of the "Monster" segment



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