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DMAT Hong Kong Study Trip 2010

13 June 2010

DMAT looks to the east and steps foot into one of asia’s largest audio, media and entertainment hub - Hong Kong. It was an enriching trip where students have grasp the best from visiting various audio and media companies.

The 7-day study trip was packed with an itinerary filled with company visitations and workshops conducted by professionals from Hong Kong’s music industry. It was a priviledge to have these professionals share of the reality and growth of the music and media industry in Hong Kong.


The companies visited include MBS Studios, Digital Magic, Hapsonic 9D MMG, Cine Art Laboratory (Intl.) Ltd., Oricreation Studios, MMP Music and The Hong Kong Institute of Education.

euro;€Just arrived in Hong Kong International Airport

There were a total of 31 students all from DMAT year 1, year 2 and year 3 who participated in this Hong Kong Study Trip.

The students were all ready for the exciting trip once they touched down in Hong Kong. They were also ready to receive the different culture of Hong Kong, the air, the colours, the food and the people.




The trip began with a music workshop with Music Man Production (MMP).

Peter Cheung, a Hong Kong artiste and vocal instructor conducted a music workshop to DMAT students. He spoke a lot on his experiences such as, his struggles and glorious moments in the music industry. The students were captivated and inspired by his stories and advice. Seems like Peter Cheung has not only influenced the Hong Kong scene, he may be influencing DMAT students and Singapore too!

euro;€Peter Cheung sharing on vocal techniques with his keyboard



More on music, Mr. Tommy Wai from Oricreation Production shared his best definition on film music. His current project was Jay Chou’s up-coming movie – "Panda" where he was the music composer and arranger of the soundtrack and effects.

Thus, he brought the students into a whole experience of composing with and without inspiration. Has described the ups and down of a soundtrack. Even more, he showcased both good and bad examples of his products. The comparison in within his products are remarkably of an industry standard that has helped the students to understand the demands of the market.


Tomy Wai started composing local film scores in 1993. He has completed about 120 film scores including ‘July Rhapsody’, ‘New Police Story’, ‘Jiang Hu - The Triad Zone’ and ‘Visible Secret’.

He won the best original film score for the Hong Kong Film Award in 1993.

euro;€Tommy Wai conduction his workshop on film music.




This study trip has a wide coverage in its itinerary. Besides music workshops, students were brought to post production recording studios too.

Students learned about the latest technology in Hong Kong’s industry, such as the new 9 Dimensional perspective of mixing techniques and its music editing too.


Mr. Alien from Hapsonic 9D MMG explaining one of his project to the students


From production to Film. Although these are Music and Audio Techology students, it is also good for students to understand the film production. The collaboration of film and music has a close gap where it they both do have a good link in media production. 


Thus, students visited Cine Art Laboratory (Intl.) Ltd. that produces negative films and transfers digital contents into film for cinema release. It was an eye opener trip where students could understand various purposes of digital and analogue film. Most importantly, they are able to see the differences and compare its quality.


Observing the difference between a positive nad negative film

The production of film going through various stages of chemicals

Aligning the films for synchronization purposes




From film to digital production. Mr. Percy Fung from Digital Magic gave a comprehensive workshop on the digital and 3D production for visuals.

There was a 20 minutes showcase on 3D, Digital and Film showreel. It was an awesome experience with visuals.

A group picture with Mr. Percy Fung, the Director of Digital Magic


At the same time, students were introduced to sound effects production – Foley. It is a great opportunity to step into a Foley studio in MBS production house where the processes of creating sound effects were deomonstrated. It is again another amazing experience in the Foley studio in which many students finally understood the function and useful features of ‘junks’ for a project.



Besides looking into the ‘junks’ in a Foley studio, the microphone techniques are important too. Mr. Wong, a sound engineer of MBS Production was explaining on the different microphone placement to acquire different sounds for a movie.


A professional Foley Studio found in Hong Kong!


It was also a great opportunity to hear from another professional Film Director.

Film Director, Mr. Lu shared on his hardship on film production and the challenges in the industry. He was then working on Jay Chou’s film too – "Panda"!

What a coincidence that students were able to hear from both the film and audio production processes from MBS Production and Oricreation Studio.

euro;€Question and Answer session with Director Lu




Not forgetting the music education segment, DMAT students took the initiative to find out more on the Hong Kong Music Education. This could be another existing platform for them to go for further education in the near future.


Mr. Barry Lee, a lecturer from the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) explained on the music degree course available and thereafter students from HKIEd performed 2 items for DMAT students.


There was also a short campus tour around HKIEd. It was definitely a suitable place with good environment for the music education.


Group picture with students from HKIED

HKIEd students performing their original Jazz piece

Mr. Barry Lee explaining on the course outline in HKIEd


The 7-day trip was fulfilling where students were loaded with music and film production. On top of that, they were all fun-filled with good food, nice view, nice people and of course, the great company!


"This is one of the most exciting and interesting study trip that I’ve ever led. The itinerary encompasses a wide and whole curriculum content exclusively for DMAT students. I believe the students have benefitted from the entire trip and I hope they will look into DMAT course in a different way.

euro;€I am looking forward to see new ideas and transformation from my own students after this trip." – Eica Wong, DMAT Lecturer

Group picture at the Hostel

The latest digizing machine

Listening skills tested on a 5.1 mixing studio

Hong Kong actress, Yim Shue Li had a nice dinner meet up with DMAT students

Good food all around Hong Kong

A 3D showcase theatre

Learning on the set up of film conversion techniques



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