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July 2010

It was a consecutive 3-week showcase by students of the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology during the Moberly Lunch Show in July 2010. It was represented ONLY by students from DMAT, Year 1, 2 and 3. There were 4 items presented every Wednesday during the lunch break from 12.15pm to 12.45pm.

The showcase was made special in an orderly manner of 3 themes – Duet, Trio and Quartet.

This is a challenging showcase where students presented their favourite tune or even their original tune in a given limited set up. They had to master the techniques of arranging a full band cover tune into a small group of 2, 3, or just 4 instrumentalist.



Erica (lecturer) took part with Nigel (year 1) in singing "Iris" by the Goo-Goo Dolls



euro;€Auzaie (far right) playing the percussion and bass guitar!

Some took the challenge to play more than one instrument and that kept the band going very well too!

Nonetheless, students from all over SP were looking forward to watch these showcases during lunchtime. Many enjoyed it well particularly when their favourite songs were sung in different ways.



euro;€Attempting a 4-string part classical piece

The genres of songs are a variety of Pop, Funk, Jazz, Rock and even Classical. There are no limitations in its musical styles except for the number of performers in every group.

DMAT students were glad to stage this showcase that has obviously created much enthusiasm in their own music performance and creativity too!



The showcases were filled with audience from all over Singapore Polytechnic that consists of Students, SP Staff and Lecturers too.



euro;€Audiences enjoying the show




Trio groovin’ with John Meyer’s – "Vultures"


"It was a good platform for us to perform. Here then I realised how uneasy it is to play in small groups. Seems like the smaller the group is, the harder it is to hide your mistakes!" – Robin Wong (DMAT, Year 1, far right in picture)




"I am surprised almost every week to see the enthusiasm and the production of each group. Many have performed far more than what I could expect!

I would like to do this showcase again because I want to be constantly surprised!" – Erica Wong (Lecturer, DMAT)

euro;€Averil on vocals for her trio set



Khidir and Shafie from DMAT Year 1

Jonadab and his group from DMAT Year 3


Erica (Lecturer) with the Year 2 students performing "Better To Love"by Casey Donavan

A Duet by Sarah and Jordan singing "Ain’t No Sunshine"




Robin and KC from DMAT Year 1

Samuel (DMAT, Year 2) keeping the drum beat going



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