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Project Echolocation Concert

11 June 2010

On the 11th of June this year, several students from the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT), displayed their musical talents at Hwa Chong Institution with an ecstatic performance of original music composed by one of our students, Jordan Chia. This was in fact a concert to raise funds for the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped (SAVH). Aptly named - Project Echolocation, the organisers invited various local bands or musicians to use their music for a greater cause and increase awareness on the visually handicapped.


Representing Singapore Polytechnic, Pixel Apartment – a band consisting of a staggering number of 13 members, showcased its hopeful, soothing and inspiring music. Performing three original songs, the large band is unique not just in its physical size, but also in its instrumentation. Defying the concept of a typical rock band set up, Pixel Apartment has more than just guitars, keyboards and drums. There are trumpets, trombones, violins and a myriad of instruments including a synthesized glockenspiel.

euro;€The Pixel Apartment performing "live" on stage



Together with other local acts like Ingrid and Trella, the audience was treated to a buffet of musical genres, from Pop all the way to Metal. Furthermore, other then performing, the students from DMAT helped out as stage crew and audio/visual personnel. They also produced a music video of the song, Paper Aeroplane especially for this concert, and it was played in sync with Pixel Apartment’s performance.

euro;€The Pixel Apartment along with other DMAT coursemate


This experience was surely an enriching one for the DMAT students as it incorporated aspects of performance, organization, video production and backstage work. Learning valuable lessons that are sure to be useful for their course in SP, and their career in music.euro;€ More than that, it was an incredible joy to harness the students’ musical passion to aid the visually handicapped, making all effort expanded duly worth the while.

Written by Robin Wong, DMAT 1A03





About Pixel Apartment

Pixel Apartment is band formed by Jordon Chia comprising of students from the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology. The band has since performed at the HCI for Project Echolocation as well as took part in the Clash of the Band 2010.

Performing a their own original "Paper Aeroplane"

The synthesizer guy, Qingle(left) together with the percussionist, Renjie (right)

The trumpet team, from the left Alica and Gabriel

The Pixel Apartment




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