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DMAT with the YOG Closing Ceremony 2010

26 August 2010

26th August 2010 marks the twelth day of the burning YOG flame. It is also the closing ceremony for the first ever 2010 Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore. The ceremony themed as “An Unforgettable Party” made it big with a fantastic atmosphere of cheers and jumps of joy as everyone in the world takes a look back on the highlights of these 12 days.

More than 3,500 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) competed in 184 events in 26 sports of 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Amongst thousands of audience, supporters, visitors and friends, DMAT has taken this chance to play a big part in this celebration.

We proudly present, Shunyi Ng, a graduate from the Diploma in Music and Audio Technolgy this year who was handpicked by the YOG Music Director, Iskandar Ismail to perform in this closing ceremony.

The band is arranged into 4-piece, uniquely set up with a singer (Heleyna-Ann Fernandez), a cellist (Berverly Hiong), a classical guitarist (Kevin Loh) and a steel string guitarist (Shunyi Ng).

Shunyi (far right) ready to get on stage for his performance

Shunyi and his band had the honour to perform a wonderful song written by Jim Aitchison, composed by Iskandar Ismail and co-composed by Jonathan Chan. The song, entitled “New Story” was beautifully performed with much pride for Singapore that hosted and made this event a success one.

“All I can say is that I had loads of fun and this is what I really call ‘a fulfilling experience’!!” – Shunyi Ng, DMAT Alumni

There were about 2,000 youths involved in the closing ceremony. Organisers say that the show will be no less grand than the opening ceremony. Afterall it celebrates the 'Spirit of Youth', thus, it will sure be hyper in spirit!

Gordon (top row, second from the right)

Gordon Chea Yi Xiong, a year 1 student from DMAT performs for both the opening and the closing ceremony. This time, with a new hip hop dance choreography, he rocked the stage with his dance crew in red outfits! It looks like DMAT has all the grooves with music; not just playing music but also dancing it out!

“This has been a great experience for me as i guess i would not have such an opportunity ever again. It has been tough going for the trainings and rehearsals, but the result of dancing in front of thousands is always a fulfilling and unforgettable experience for me.” – Gordon Chea, DMAT Year 1

Back in year 2001, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge has introduced the idea of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) to be held every four years in staggered summer and winter events consistent with the current Olympic Games format. Singapore has definitely created another history, so has DMAT too, that stood proud to be part of this event. We sure hope that to walk hand-in-hand with Singapore for future events and projects.

Leaving you with more pictures to enjoy the glory of Singapore and its success story that made the first ever YOG 2010 come to pass!

More than 3,500 athletes cheering at the front of the stage

The crowd packed the whole area cheering the whole night

Shunyi and Kevin Loh

Another spectacular item

The beautiful stage from a far view



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