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DMIT Lecturer awarded scholarships from top arts university in the US for Masters in Visual Effects

13 Sept 2010

World renowned institution - Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), USA recently awarded Kenny Ong both the Academic Honours Scholarship and also the Educator Scholarship for his 1 year Masters programme in Visual Effects at SCAD - Atlanta. The limited Academic Honours Scholarship is awarded to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, while the Educator Scholarship is awarded to selected educators who provide proof of good standing during their employment.

Regarding the scholarship awards, Kenny Ong says “I’m really appreciative of the financial support SCAD provides and it really motivates me to do my best there. I’m also more than thankful of the support I’ve received from Singapore Polytechnic and definitely from my colleagues Georgina Phua, Wendy Lee, Quek Chee Siong, Elynn Chee and Christian James regarding my continuing education. Going off for a year, I will miss my family, friends, colleagues, and last but not least my dear students”.

In front of the DMC (Digital Media Center) at SCAD

Multi-Level Greenscreen Lab with motion capture capabilities

“As some of the instructors were Academy Award winners in visual effects, I believe that learning from them would benefit me and the students when I’m back. They even have guest speakers who have worked in the visual effects for Avatar!

With a passion for visual effects since young, this opportunity really gives me the avenue and time to learn from the pros to create stunning visuals.”

About Kenny Ong

Kenny Ong has been with SP as a lecturer for the past 9 years, and is passionate about Visual Effects. He has been the CG Effects Option Coordinator for the Diploma in Digital Media since 2007, and was instrumental in the curriculum development of the newly launched Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (DVEMG). Besides being Module Coordinator, and teaching modules related to animation and visual effects, Kenny was involved in many industry projects including the National Day Parade 2010, Singapore After-Care Association Charity Premiere 2008 and National Geographic documentary on bees. His students’ animated short film, ”Two Minutes Away from Launch” was screened at the HD Festival 2008 in New York and Los Angeles.



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