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ECO Music Challenge 2010

23 Oct 2010
Close to 800 participants took part in this remarkable competition specially organized by the National Environment Agency – The ECO MUSIC CHALLENGE 2010 Songwriting competition.

There were 300 songs written for a Clean and Green environment. From these many participants, 8 songs were entries from current students and alumni of the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology. Proudly, 5 were selected into the finals for the challenge.

To name them, the DMAT Alumni are Kathryn Cheng, Deborah Tan, Andre Anthony, and both 2nd year students are Kaye Chia and Lim YinLiang.
This ECO Music Challenge had prepared attractive prizes that ranged from Cash Prize $500 to $5,000!! The 13 finalists had the opportunity to receive valuable training from our local songwriter/composer, Mr. Clement Chow.

The participants took about three weeks to undergo intensive training to develop their musical skills in many areas such as songwriting, band performance and stage appearances.

Deborah who won 3rd prize enjoyed this competition where she could learn things in a fun way. She has written a surreal piece of song that has emotionally reflected the issues of nature’s concern.

“The purpose of me writing this original song is to create an impactful awareness to the public on the cries of mother nature.” – Deborah, DMAT Alumni

Deborah has clothed herself into
the act of loving mother nature
The Grand Finale Performance opened with 13 finalists singing before judges and members of the public on Saturday afternoon, 23rd October 2010. They did not only sing but they danced too! It was a spectacular show throughout the whole afternoon where cheers of fans and friends filled the hall also in support of this Green event.

The Good News!!!

Finally, the song for next year's Clean and Green Singapore campaign has been chosen - "Heaven on Earth" from Rafaee Mahmud (SP Alumni) and Kathryn Cheng (DMAT Alumni) won the inaugural Eco Music Challenge 2010. This song for next year's campaign beat some 280 online entries for the top prize of S$5,000 cash.

Andre taking his spot to present his song. Accompnied by Deborah on keyboards
Of course more prizes were owned to Singapore Polytechnic students and alumni. The winners from DMAT are: -

· 3rd prize: Deborah Tan Sze Hui (DMAT Alumni)

· 4th prize: Kaye Chia Teck Yun (DMAT, 2nd year)

· Consolation: Lim Yin Liang (DMAT, 2nd year)

· Consolation: Andre Bryan (DMAT Alumni)
Although performing on stage could be a new exposure to some students from DMAT, however, YinLiang has surprised many of his fans and classmates with his unexpected singing.

It was indeed a good first-step for YinLiang.“A try-out to write a song became an unexpected live performance on stage for me! Sounds like a dream come true!!” – YinLiang, DMAT 2nd year student”

Lim YinLiang presenting his very own song, written in mandarin.

Kaye Chia and the DMAT Band
Kaye was the 4th in place, mesmerizing the crowd with her voice.

She was accompanied by her band, made up of students from DMAT.

“This is one interesting competition where I enjoyed most in making friends of the same interest through sharing of musical ideas. Most importantly, I learnt the art of stage appearance and stage performance. Something that I look forward to experiencing all the time!” – Kaye Chia, DMAT year 2 student

About ECO Music Challenge 2010

Our DMAT students did not leave empty-handed. Instead, they each received their deserved cash prize and this became hyped among DMAT students to work out more on songwriting and music for a good cause.

13 Finalist of the Grand Finale ECO Music Challenge 2010

2nd Runner-Up: Deborah Tan

3rd Runner-Up: Kaye Chia

Consolation Prize: Lim YinLiang

Consolation: Andre Anthony

Kathryn Cheng’s band members who played and performed her original song

Deborah Tan performing her original song with her beautiful voice including an act of dancers in expression to the song

Kaye Chia and her band of students from DMAT



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