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Tokyo Study Trip

21 Sept 2010

We arrived at Narita airport on the morning of 15 August 2010 still sleepy from the overnight flight and long train ride.  But none of us were thinking of sleeping.  All 16 of us cannot wait to start exploring the places we heard so much about and get started on our photo journal.

On our way back to the hotel after a long day.

Sony Headquarters in Shinagawa

As we do not have coaches, all of us had to plough through the heat of the Japanese summer via the subway carrying our dSLRs.  The Japanese subway system is said to be the best in the world, so travelling by train allowed us to capture more of the sights, the sounds and culture of Japan for our final year portfolio.

The Sony Headquarters in Shinagawa.  was the most amazing 3D experience I've ever seen, unfortunately, photography was not allowed but I got to experience the latest technology, some yet to be unveiled to the world.

Students capturing images for their matte painting assignment at Yokohama.

Another one of the objectives of this trip was to capture images to be used for my matte painting assignment.  We visited places like Shinjuku, Chinatown, Asakusa, Akihabara and the Imperial Palace, hoping to get some inspiration.

The third year students who came along for the trip showed me how to take HDR images, although we have not learned that yet, I am looking forward to it already.

A HDR Image taken by year 3 students at Asakusa

Images I used for my assignment

On the last day I was getting a bit worried as I haven't really found the shots I needed for my matte painting assignment, I only have one image that could be used so far.  We were in Ginza for our last stop before we headed to the airport when I found exactly what I needed.  Mission accomplished.

Final Matte Painting for my school assignment

The Tokyo Study Tour took place between 15 August to 19 August 2010.  Student who went had an opportunity to hone their photography skills in a foreign environment as well as include some foreign elements in their assignments.



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