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MOC with Monstrou Studio

22 Oct 2010
Singapore Polytechnic on 22 October 2010 signed a Memorandum of Co-operation (MOC) with Monstrou Studio, a production house that is focused on grooming local talents to enter the Animation workforce with the right industry experience.

Staff and Students from Singapore Polytechnic, particularly from the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology(DMIT), will benefit immediately from this partnership which will enable technology transfers, workshops, internships (local and overseas) and hands-on training in industry-specific hardware in their facilities such as the recently acquired motion capture rig.

Singapore Polytechnic and Monstrou Studio have been working together since 2009 where, back then, the relationship was purely internship-based. The Interns at Monstrou Studio were in the thick of production for the locally-owned TV Production, Tritans & Cody Rock. Moving forward, the new Interns currently at Monstrou Studio will have the opportunity to be stationed overseas (Malaysia and China) depending on where the production needs them.
Monstrou Studio has been producing locally-owned TV Programmes such as Tritans, Cody Rock, Di Pinggir Hati, and Salam Ramadhan from China, among others. They share the same passion to develop our future local animators and artists to be work ready and world ready.

Some of their productions are being aired in other parts of Asia and our students are proud to have their names following these programmes around the region.

Currently Monstrou Studio is working on another animation production where our students will be involved in all stages of the production process, from concept to post. Do look out for our students’ animation works in the near future.

The Tritans first aired on Suria (MediaCorp Channel) in Malay Language

From left, Ms Wendy Lee (Deputy Director, DMIT), Ms Georgina Phua (Director, DMIT), Ms Helan Zhong (Managing Director, Monstrou Studio) and Mr Kenneth Goh (Creative Development Director, Monstrou Studio)

Partners in training Work-Ready and World-Ready Students for the Industry



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