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Spreading The Message Of Cyber-Wellness

1 Dec 2010
Cyber-Wellness is a pressing issue these days as evident in the numerous reports on internet crimes, social media exploitation, privacy violation, internet addiction, identity theft, cyberbullying and malicious software.
With this in mind, a team of DISM and DIT students have been working together to conduct Cyber-Wellness talks in secondary schools. Standing in front of hundreds of students during their assembly sessions can be a daunting task but our students bravely took the challenge to bring the message of safe surfing to their juniors.

Posing for a group shot before the presentation

Presenting in the assembly hall
From May to Oct 2010, the team visited seven secondary schools to educate young internet users and to promote a culture of safe and responsible use. Topics that were presented included cyber-bullying, internet addiction and social engineering. They also conducted a 'live' demonstration to illustrate how hackers can gain access to a home wireless network if it is not secured properly.
The response to the talks was good. The secondary school students learnt the importance of a safe computing environment, especially after witnessing a "live" wireless exploit demonstration.
"Thank you and your boys for spending time with us. The knowledge imparted to the kids is definitely relevant and useful to them. It is good that they get a chance to hear it from someone close to their age. It gives the message a new breath. Not to mention the good examples sited throughout the talks by each one of your students," said Mr Syed Salleh, HOD ICT & MRL, St Patrick’s Secondary School.

Getting close to the audience

Talking about wireless security
Mr Goh Kar Whee, Subject Head / ICT, Nan Chiau High School, commented, “The students were engaged during the talk and I could hear them discussing the topics covered after the assembly. It must have triggered them to think and reflect. To some of the students who may be experiencing Cyber-Wellness issues, this talk comes as a timely reminder.”
Credit must go to the students who prepared, rehearsed and presented at the different schools. “The preparation for the Cyber-Wellness talks was not easy. Much thought was put into what we want to teach and how are we going to deliver it. Nevertheless, the thought of the students that will benefit from them gave us the motivation to carry on. It was also a valuable experience to be given the opportunity to stand in front of such big audiences and deliver our presentations,” said Nicholas Toh, a DISM Year 2 student.
A word of thanks must also go to the DMIT lecturer-in-charge, Mr Ho Chee Meng, and the teachers of the schools visited for helping to arrange the talks and giving the opportunity to share the Cyber-Wellness message with their students.

Bringing the message of cyber-wellness to the schools


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