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MDA Scholarship

28 Dec 2010

Lin Qinzhi, Kew had the opportunity to join the JCs, but chose to come to Singapore Polytechnic instead as he was interested in film/media courses. He said, “Who in the right mind goes to Dover Road everyday when he lives in Bedok and can go to Temasek JC? That would be someone who pursues what he wants”. He added that the SP experience was great for him as he discovered his interests early.

He has been awarded the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), Scholarship to pursue BA (Hons) Film, Visual Effects & Animation at The Met Film School, London. It is the UK’s leading film school for individuals who are looking to launch a career in the film, television and media industries. They are based at Ealing Studios, the world-famous home of British cinema.

Cast and crew of “Potable”, principal photography.

Dressing up low-budget props to look like high-budget sci-fi film.

Kew graduated in 2008 and teamed up with several classmates to produce a 28-minute film shortly after graduation. The team comprising Jeanine Lim (ex-SP Lecturer), Mark Song, Colin Peh, Jaryl Lim and Kew, managed to obtain sponsorship from Singapore Polytechnic, MDA and Infinite Frameworks Pte Ltd to finance the production. The short film, “Stargazers” was screened at numerous film festivals around the world. Kew added, “It is a great gauge of our standard, and who we were then”.

It’s a wrap.

During National Service, as a PES A combat fit signaller, Kew managed to get a role in the NDP2010 multimedia team. He worked as an editor full time under local director Boo Junfeng, and managed the multimedia content. He recalled that this was possible because of his SP experience and the course that he had completed, the Diploma in Multimedia Technology. Kew added that, “in SP I get a chance to learn disciplines like graphic design, filmmaking, and programming, thus bringing out this passion for visual effects. It is pretty common fallacy to assume visual effects (VFX) work involves only either intensive design work or intensive programming. A good VFX artist needs to work with both sides of the brain. So I went on to study effects programming, and watched many films to improve my eye. I developed a show reel to demonstrate what I can do, and was extremely fortunate to get both the placing in film school, as well as MDA's education award”.

Films usually turn out well when worn-out directors nap on set.

Currently, Kew is making an 8-minute sci-fi short film with SP classmate Jaryl Lim. Other SP friends involved in the production are Jeanine Lim, Colin Peh, Adrian Liew, Mark Song, Brendon Yip, Khiam Cheong, and Marissa Lim (Graduated 2010-Dip in Digital Media, CG Effects Option). Apart from directing and producing the film, Kew is in charge of all the VFX work in this film. More information about the film is available at We wish them all the best as they seek sponsorship from MDA.

Kew has this advice for current students, “I'm sure the Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics provides a great introduction to many aspects of media work, especially filmmaking. Technology and skill level of the industry rise at the speed of a bullet train and we should not be content with just being in school. We should strive to work on projects outside of the curriculum, and improve ourselves continuously”.

The guys we can’t do without.



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