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DBIT Students develop "Green" iPhone App for Aljunied GRC

25 Feb 2011

The School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) is proud to report that five Diploma in Business Information Technology students recently completed an iPhone App for the Aljunied Town Council as part of their Final Year Project (FYP). The stated aim of the project “is to help engage and inform community residents on green issues such as recycling, energy conservation, cleanliness, and climate change”. Aljunied GRC came out with a statement saying ”the team is very resourceful and hardworking and has built an excellent edutainment application on social responsibilities”.

The students spent roughly 15 weeks conceptualizing and implementing the project. They learned some basic concepts in mobile development through their Mobile Commerce module taught in DBIT. Features of the app include a Green Gallery, which allows the showcasing of environmental friendly tips with supporting images, a utility calculator, which allows households to monitor their energy footprint, and an iPhone game called “Bin-The-Trash”, which teaches users recycling through fun game play.

The Green Gallery Feature.

A snapshot of the utility calculator.

“I am very happy as this is my first time doing such an iPhone project. It is a big breakthrough in my education. I know that recycling and energy conservation are pressing problems in the world we live in. I hope that with this app, Aljunied residents will get to know more about conserving the environment and what the Aljunied GRC is doing for them.” says Jie Sheng one of the student developers.

The “Bin-The-Trash” Game which teaches recycling.

Zui Young, the group’s leader, on facing challenges says: “It was quite tough for us at first as we had to come up with new ideas to make this app accessible to the ordinary user. In addition, the iOS platform was difficult to learn as it is totally new to us.

Currently, the team is doing some final user interface tweaks and optimizing the code. When done, it will be handed over to Aljunied GRC and launched to the public through Apple’s app store. We will keep you posted on this!

In behalf of the entire DMIT organization congratulations to you all!

Job well done!

The five iPhone Developers. From left: Jethro Tan, Akbar Pahlevi, Lim Zui Young, Abdul Salam Ahamed Nisha, Tan Jiew Sheng.



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