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Helping Mothers to a Better Life...

The Super Mummy Club: 3rd-Year SP DBIT  Students with Ms Indranee, MP of Tanjong Pagar GRC

"Project Super Mummy"

Five Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) third-year students and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Club took part in a Mother’s Day event organised by The Super Mummy Club. The club was founded in 2009 and aims to help improve the mothers’ standard of living by training them with new skills and also to motivate their children to study hard.

Most of these mothers come from low income families, with multiple children and live in rental subsidized HDB one-room flat. The mothers aided by the club needs motivation from the society as they have experienced traumatising events, married young and have children to look after.

Our students lend their hand in this event by helping to sell the Mother’s Day gift cards made by these mothers. The cards were all sold within an afternoon thanks to the support from our staff and students of Singapore Polytechnic.

Ms Indranee, MP of Tanjong Pagar GRC, who is the champion of The Super Mummy programme, was also there to support the event. The proceeds were handed to Ms Indranee, who in turn presented the amount to The Super Mummy Club.

But our efforts will not end here.  Five of us had formed up a team to start a project with the main focus on the mothers’ long term needs. After our discussion with the stakeholders, we plan to:

  1. Create social awareness through social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. We will be organising different campaigns to increase the publicity of the club.
  2. Source for suitable part-time job opportunities for the mothers.  We will be constantly looking for flexible home based part-time jobs as most of them have to take care of their children at home, they are unable to draw up the time to work away from home for long hours.
  3. Provide the mothers with relevant training courses so that they will be more employable and receive a better pay.
  4. Train the mothers to be entrepreneurs.

The ultimate goal is to provide sustainable solutions for the mothers.

As students, these are the little that we could do for the less fortunate. Nevertheless, it is a start. A start where students like us can actually play a part, however small the role, to aid these mothers to give their children a better life. They, like everyone else in our society, deserve a better home.



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