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NDP2011 Reflection Video

27 July 2011

Contributed by: Lim Xin Yu Bryan

A group of students was selected to work with the NDP2011 Mutlimedia Committee to produce a reflection video that aims to generate interest and conversation among Singaporeans on the topic of Singapore Spirit.

The project team comprises Chan Jie Sheng Wesley, Cho Wei Li Justin, Gan Chuen Yee, Gan Chuen Yew, Lim Xin Yu Bryan, Ng Junhao James and Soh Zong Huan Rufus. They are second year students from the Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

As we celebrate National Day…

Reflect on where have come from
and where we are going

I have gained a lot of experience through working on this project. Working on real world projects is not as easy as it seems. Most of the time, we have to follow a very tight schedule. There were lots of last minute hiccups along the way and it was up to us as a team to get around this.

Reviewing the music

Reviewing the sub-title

That being said, I think that this has been a wonderful learning experience for all of us as we get to apply what we have learnt in class into real world situations. We have also picked up additional skills that were not taught in class.

One word to describe the Singapore Spirit?




You can view the video here:

Reflection Video

About Reflection Video

To generate interest and conversation among Singaporeans on the topic of Singapore Spirit. It creates a spontaneous setting for audience to reflect on what it means to be a Singaporean. It will be shown in schools’ NE sessions, NDP Exhibitions and roadshow (reflection booths) and as part of National Day Observance Ceremony.



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