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The Originals IP Champion Music Fiesta 2011

03 Aug 2011

The Originals IP Champion Music Fiesta 2011 was held from the 21-24th June 2011.

The Music Fiesta has been a yearly program jointly organised by the School of Digital Media and InfoComm Technology (DMIT) and Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School (PRCS) for secondary school students that love music.

For the first time this year the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, Statuary Board under the Ministry of Law, came on-board to merge their yearly Intellectual Property (IP) Champion programme with the Music Fiesta to focus on the intellectual property rights of composers. This is to spread the message among youth that illegal downloading of music robs the composer of royalties (money).

A total number of 119 secondary school students from 18 schools participated in the event. In her welcome address, Ms Georgina Phua, Director of the School of Digital Media and InfoComm Technology, noted that the respond was very good. She strongly encouraged every participant to enjoy the programme and to develop a deep understanding of the importance of honouring intellectual property rights.

We’re ready to start.

Hey Bro – Wrong chord!

Juz B- Juz Beauti

Throughout the camp, the students attended workshops on song writing, basics of melody creation and chord progression conducted by lecturers from the Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) course. There were also talks on ‘Music and Copyright’, where issues on intellectual property rights were discussed and the process involved in producing and marketing an album by an artist were presented. Mr Jack Lim, a well-known local composer, delivered an interesting talk on ‘The Creative Process’ giving students an insight on the processes involved in  composing a song and factors that motivates a person to write a song.

The participants were also treated with a live Acapella performance and sharing by Juz B, a local group. The audience was really ‘wowed’ by the acapella arrangements and the vocal harmonies of the group. Besides singing and drawing thunderous applause from the audience, Juz B shared their journey in the music industry with the participants.

Armed with the knowledge from the workshops and talks, the participants competed in teams to write and performed a song based on the theme ‘Originality’ under the mentorship of the students from the DMAT. DMAT students got the opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in their course in guiding the students.

The teams worked hard as they raced against time to complete their original piece and competed at the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre on the final night. The event was graced by Ms Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Law.

Choose our song please

The show was indeed a great success showcasing many young potential talent their songs they had written. The team from the Cedar Girls Secondary School emerged as the ultimate champion, with their song ‘Paint’ capturing the judge’s hearts. They won the prestigious Minister of Law Challenge Trophy and an internship with a renowned recording studio.

The Winning Group from Cedar Girls Secondary School with Ms Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Law

The judges were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the songs that the participants had composed in a short time of just barely three days. They were encouraged to see that creativity and originality were every much alive and this was indeed a very encouraging sign for Singapore.

Everyone agreed that the Fiesta was a great success. Many of the participants pledged to return for next year’s Fiesta. Participants said that they had learnt a lot from this Fiesta and had great fun interacting and learning from the DMAT mentors too. It was indeed a great experience for all.

Please join us and sing along.

Student Mentor Ryan Tan of DMAT sent his thoughts :

‘The entire music fiesta was generally very well planned. I knew my role as a mentor and knew how to carry it out, and there were no major problems with my job. The flow of events was smooth enough allowing my group enough time to attend the talks and finish their composition in time. The lectures the participants attended were generally helpful and useful to them when it came to composing their songs. The students were very enthusiastic about the music fiesta and generally interested in composition.

They initially seemed cold to us mentors at first, choosing to ask their teachers for help rather than us even though we were offering our help. This was overcome after we started to help them write their songs, although we only tried to give them ideas and help rather than having a direct hand in their song writing. The students were quite proficient at composing and we were glad to be able to work with them, helping them to polish their compositions for the competition.

Altogether, it was a good experience and even though it was a larger turn out from other years, it was actually smoother than expected.’

Join us next year for the ‘Music Fiesta 2012’



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