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A Great Showing At The Crowbar Awards 2011

15 Aug 2011

Winning at the Crowbar Awards, an international Creative Communication and Design competition for young talents is definitely a moment to be savoured and remembered. Four students from the digital media courses in DMIT, Daren Tan, Lin Jing and William Loke won two Bronze awards (Best Art Direction and Best 3D Animation) as well as the Finalist award for Best Soundtrack for their film “Flying Colours”. Theirs was the only local top three placing in the 3D Animation category and the only finalist in the Soundtrack/Music category. Achieving these awards meant industry recognition for the wonderful animated short film they created, and will surely boost their individual careers to the whole new level. Getting there however, was no small task.

In order to reach such heights of excellence, the team had to overcome numerous obstacles while struggling to keep their team morale high. “For me, the challenges were mostly the technical aspects because we were using some techniques which were not taught in class.” said Lin Jing, the team’s technical director. The biggest challenge, however, was time. It took them only 6 months to create “Flying Colours” from concept to delivery. The whole creation process involved a well-executed pipeline of disciplines ranging from idea generation in pre-production to compositing in post-production. The complexity in creating an animated short film required students to work together as a team towards one clear goal.

From left : LinJing, Iswan (project supervisor)
and Daren Tan

The various ideas that the team started with eventually evolved to encompass their collective vision by the end. “I believe the key challenge faced by our team was the time constraint held in order to complete our film in time. There were also a few vocal ideas that we planned to accomplish but was faced with technical restraints and limited exposure on our side” explained Daren, the team environment modeler.

All in all, it was one of the many unforgettable experiences that every student will be sure to go through during their studies in the Diploma in Digital Animation course. It may have been a demanding and taxing period for Lin Jing, Daren and William, but it ultimately proved to be very satisfying and rewarding. To be awarded international recognition is priceless. The team made sure to express their heartfelt gratitude for the support given by the dedicated project supervisor, lecturers and administration. “Without them, we would not have accomplished what we did today. The help and experience that they offered without fail helped us to cross many boundaries and achieve the various aspects of the film. As a whole, I believe that they deserve just as much credit as we did in making this film possible”



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