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Meet The Parents 2011

25 August 2011

Meet the Parent Session that took place on 22nd July saw many concerned parents coming in to learn more about their child’s well-being while in School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT).  Parents are introduced to their child’s timetable that is made available on the iPhone and Andriod.

Concerned parents streaming in for Meet The Parents event.

The event started with a welcome greeting by our DMIT Director, Ms Georgina Phua, and our Deputy Director, Mr William Chan. They shared with the parents on SP’s vision for the students, the holistic education framework, as well as life@SP-DMIT.


Welcome greeting by our Deputy Director, Mr William Chan.

We had two of our alumni, Ms Vicki Lau who is a recent graduate from Diploma in Digital Media, and Mr Steven Li, a recent graduate from the Diploma in Information Technology, to give a short presentation on their learning experience in DMIT. Both of the alumni, who had received prestigious awards and scholarships, had given the parents a great insight of student life and opportunities at DMIT. This was followed by the dialogue session between the parents and their child’s Personal Tutor on the individual child’s progress in class.

“Good communication with PT on student's behaviour during lecture. More of such sessions would be useful,” as mentioned by a parent of the Diploma in Business Information Technology student. Another parent of the Diploma in Information Technology student commented that the “speech provided by alumni students has provided a good feedback about SP and the students' performance. This certainly gives encouragement to parents whose children are studying here”. Altogether, it was a fruitful night for the parents as they did not only get to meet their child’s lecturers to learn more about their child’s future, but also hear it first hand from our Director, Deputy Director as well as the Alumni.

Our Alumni students, Ms Vicki Lau and Mr Steven Li.



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