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Now-You-Can Leadership Series Competition

10 November 2011

Our team, JediCare comprises of 2 members, Jason Sim Meng Kiat and myself, Nicholas Toh Zuan Jie. Jason is a graduate of the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) course, and he's currently serving his national service (NS). I am a 3rd year student of Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM). We became friends after we met for running sessions with Mr Low Jin Kiat. Through regular training sessions, we bonded and our team spirit is built.

During September, there was a competition called the "Now You Can" Leadership Series organized by Starhub and GridMMS. It is a conspiracy challenge that provides a platform and the opportunity for young Singaporeans to bring to national attention, world changing project ideas. It came to Jason and me that we can now do something for the society.

Our idea came about after one of our regular training sessions. We all thought of the same thing for our application, to do charity or volunteer work. Probably because it's already something we are doing. Jason is currently volunteering at Faith Acts as an elderly befriender. He helps the elderly with physiotherapy, measuring blood pressure and various activities. I am currently doing adhoc basis volunteering with the SP Welfare Services club. When SP Welfare Services club has any events, they will email us and I would probably help out in these events with my friends

Current solutions seem to lack the ability to engage people to volunteer; people have to take the initiative to go to the site, register and fill in forms with many personal details and then search for the kind of volunteering work/event they want to do before they start doing it. We combined our ideas and the core idea of Frevol Friends (derived from Friends Volunteer Friends) was born, that is to summon friends around you to come and do volunteer work together. Throughout development of Frevol Friends, we brainstormed and carried out surveys on people for additional features to enhance the application. Unexpectingly, the idea became the favourite to win the competition for the "Technology For Good" theme.

Of course, we can't convince many that our idea is good if we can't sell it. Jason, I and our mentor Mr Low spent numerous weekday nights and weekends refining our idea on Frevol Friends and carrying out rehearsals. Our meetings are in the night mainly because everyone has their activities in the day; Jason has to serve his NS; I have my internship to do; and Mr Low having work.

Personally, I am grateful for the efforts by Jason, Mr Low, and SP-DMIT. Jason, serving NS, hardly has time for himself, and yet he always attends our meetings and rehearsals till late night before reporting back to camp first thing in the morning during weekdays. Mr Low, doing free OT, teaching our team and setting us in the right direction every time. Before the semi-finals, Mr Low reminded us to keep our focus and only aim to get into semi-finals. After we got into the semi-finals, he reminded us to keep our focus and only aim to get into the finals. After we got into the finals, he reminded us to keep our focus again and aim to win. He is a leader who sets further goals for the team and pushes us. Of course there were tensions between us at times but we're all glad to have achieved something as a team. SP-DMIT has given me the opportunity to use my internship to work on Frevol Friends application so that I would at least have a system to tell the audiences during presentation that, "yes, we do have something, we have done something." These are my heartfelt feelings. Thank you Jason, Mr Low, and SP-DMIT! Last but not least, I would like to thank all the supporters of Frevol Friends! Without you, my friends, there would not be Frevol Friends!

Our team will continue to develop Frevol Friends and lead the change for a better and caring society! If you have a world changing idea, and you do not know who to approach or where to get support for your idea, visit GridMMS at SCAPE and join the "Youth Without Borders" programme!    

Winners on stage with guest-of-honour MCYS Acting Minister Mr Chan Chun Sing

Group photo at competition venue

Team photo



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