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First Student in the role of the Microsoft Student Partners Singapore Lead

28 December 2011

Lim Cheng Lei was a student from Yuying Secondary School, and is now a student of Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) currently on his Internship attachment with Microsoft Singapore.

A student who loves challenges, Cheng Lei’s dream has always been to excel in the IT industry and to make use of the IT tools to solve everyday problems in a unique way.

A winning shot for clinching the Silver medal at Worldskills Singapore 2011.

He was active in various co-curriculum activities since joining the Diploma in Information Technology and seized opportunities presented to him. For example, sinceYear 1, he volunteered his service in Singapore Polytechnic Foster Club, organized the DMIT Fiesta and joined the DMIT Student Ambassador programme.

Seeing his potential and his passion with technology, he was nominated to join the Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) Programme at the beginning of his second year with DIT.  The programme has offered Cheng Lei many opportunities to learn from the experts, and exchanging and sharing knowledge and skills with his peers.

MSP are evangelists in the classic sense, looking to spread their infectious enthusiasm for software development.  This is one of the many opportunities that the DIT course offers to all students.

“Initially, it wasn’t easy at all. To do sharing in front of other Student Partners, who come from very technical backgrounds, ranging from Polytechnic to University level, requires lots of understanding in the topic and courage. Nevertheless, I took up the challenge and learned from the feedback and suggestions of seniors and different Microsoft representatives, polishing on my sharing each time.

  Exhibiting project at the eGov Global Exchange 2011
  at Marina Bay Sands.

Because of my passion towards technology, the previous Campus Lead, Li Yan, selected me as his successor. Upon getting this appointment, it gave me the chance to share technology to my peers – to enhance their learning experience in school or personal commitments through the great use of technology available. Together with my team of Student Partners, we managed to pull through a number of great events, many of which were oversubscribed. At the same time, I have also taken the initiative to revamp the Student Partners Singapore web portal to connect to more students.

After months of hard work and relationship building with the Student Partners Community, I was given the chance to be appointed as the Microsoft Student Partners Singapore Lead. “

Cheng Lei was in fact the very first student appointed as the Microsoft Students Partners Singapore Lead.  Now, Cheng Lei is responsible for looking after the welfare and the administration of the entire Microsoft Student community. He is constantly communicating with other campus leads from the 5 different polytechnics and 3 universities to learn about their status and direction of their respective campus.

Techfest@Singapore Polytechnic was organised byMicrosoft Student Partners

Presenting at the TechFest@Singapore Polytechnic 2011


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