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SP Students win Nokia Lumia 800 Smart Phones

10 April 2012

Students from the Diploma in Information Technology at the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology, Singapore Polytechnic, have scored a massive win this semester. For a start, they have developed and published more than 10 games, across the 2 classes of a total of 31 students. Students worked in groups of 3 to 4, exchanging ideas, and leveraged on the best skills of each team member, from programming to art to game design.

The smart phone game apps are published on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace, and cover a variety of genres and target audiences, casual games to 3D shooters. All of the game apps are free for download, and are supported by mobile advertisement networks. Students used mobile ad exchange networks such as AdDuplex to expose their apps to more users.

Students have published over 10
games this semester, with more
due to be published for Nokia’s

  Students use AdDuplex to cross-market
  their apps on other developers’ apps.

With their experiences and successes on the Windows Phone Marketplace, they were further encouraged by their lecturer, Mr. Alvin Tang, to take part in Nokia’s developer contest, #LumiaAppsChallenge.  Each approved team has pledged to develop 3 apps in 3 months.  The students’ enthusiasm and innovativeness paid off, with 5 teams that were awarded the highly coveted Nokia Lumia 800 smart phones.   The students faced fierce contest from a large number of entries, with only 50 proposals approved by Nokia Singapore.

The winning SP students with their Nokia Lumia 800 smart phones.

Their Lecturer, Mr. Tang was also amongst the first to have his app idea approved for Nokia’s #LumiaAppsChallenge.

His first app, “Blast Bunnies!” received over 3000 downloads within 2 weeks.

Blast Bunnies! By Alvin Tang

Get it from here

  Asteroids War by Adrian Hay Yong Jie,
  Felix Foo Yi Xiang, Dominic Yip Weng Mun

  Get it from here

  Infernal Strike by Aw Bo Wei, Soh Jing
  Hao Kelvin

  Get it from here

  Get Dressed! by Ong Jin Wen,
  Ang Wee Kee Vickie, Li Jiayan Aliena

  Get it from here

  Road Rage by Ong Jin Wen

  Get it from here

  Pryscape by Xie Yuancai, Choo Jing Lin
  Christopher, Dong Changjie

  Get it from here

  Banana Shooter by Ronald Bay Zhi Hui,
  Chua Yong An, Poi Yao Hui

  Get it from here

  AssignmentCarGame by Gwee Wee
  Siang, Chua Zhi Jie, Foo Biao Zeng Alvin

  Get it from here

  Christmas Gifts by Jonathan Toh Jun Hong,
  Lee Hao Yang Nicholas, Chin Jin Sheng

  Get it from here

  Feed Me Cookie by Han Wei Chou,
  Hamsyari bin Rozman

  Get it from here

  Troll Max by Francis Cheng Hong Pei,
  Tan Jian Sin, Ang Wei Yong

  Get it from here

Mole Hitter by Lee Hao Yang Nicholas, Chin Jin Sheng

Get it from here

About DMIT & Nokia Singapore’s #Lumia Apps

The School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology at Singapore Polytechnic offers a module in Mobile Game Development with Microsoft’s latest smart phone operating system,Windows Phone 7.5.  Students use Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio to create fun and innovative smart phone games that are also portable to the Xbox 360 game console.

Nokia Singapore’s #LumiaAppsChallenge provided an opportunity for app developers to win loaner devices by submitting app proposals for the Windows Phone 7 platform.  Approved entrants will have to submit one approved application to the Windows Phone Marketplace every month, for 3 months to keep the device.



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