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Hospitality IT - A Learning Journey

28 June 2012

Hospitality IT
A group of students from the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) course, Hospitality and Tourism (HOT) option, had an enriching study trip to The Fullerton Hotel on 11th Feburary 2012, to understand the IT Operations and IT skills required to work in the Hospitality industry.

Mr Jason Lee, MIS Manager of The Fullerton Hotel, shared with students on the various IT applications used at The Fullerton Hotel, in particular the wireless access network service in the hotel. Hotel guests are able to use the wireless network anywhere within the Hotel property.

The students also had a rare opportunity to visit The Fullerton Hotel suites, the server room that houses the paid television network and IP phone services, and the roof garden of the Fullerton Bay Hotel, the latest addition to the sparkling Marina Bay waterfront.


  The Fullerton Hotel Lobby.

"I was astonished by the interior design of the Fullerton Hotel suites, an impressive and innovative architecture and the awesome view of the Marina Bay from the hotel suites” said Letitia Justina, a year 3 DIT (HOT) student.

"After visiting The Fullerton Hotel, I realised there are so many IT services supporting the hotel operations. We visited the server room that houses the backup server, cable TV server and IP phone switch", said Justin Chua, a year 3 DIT (HOT) student.

Roof Garden of Fullerton Bay Hotel

On 19th April 2012, students from the same diploma course visited the Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) 2012, a biennial event where hospitality industry players gather to showcase the latest products and services, including Hospitality Technology. The purpose of the visit was to expose students to the various products and technologies available in the Hospitality Industry.

Exhibition Booths at Food and Hotel Asia 2012

  Point of Sales Terminal

Students had the opportunity to view the various software applications for the hospitality industry such as CIMSO ERP software. The CIMSO products provide an integrated solution from client management, front office management, central reservation system, activities scheduler, etc.

Industry experts were eager to share with students on the various cutting-edge technologies available for the hospitality industry and some of the future products that will be launched.

Visit to Food and Hotel Asia 2012

"I managed to talk to a few service providers for card access system and interactive directory services. The visit to Food and Hotel Asia 2012 allowed me to know the current technology related to the hospitality industry", said Gui Jun, a year 3 DIT (HOT) Option student..



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