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The Originals IP Champion Music Fiesta 2012

30 July 2012

The Originals IP Champion Music Fiesta 2012 was held from the 18th to the 22nd June 2012.

This years Music Fiesta was jointly organised by SP’s School of Digital Media and InfoComm Technology (DMIT) and IPOS or the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS is a Stutary Board under the Misintry of Law) for secondary school students that love music.

The Fiesta focuses on songwriting and the goal is to get participants to compose an original song and perform this on the final day infront of an audience that included their parents. The perfromance on the 5th day of the Fiesta would be in the form of a song competition, where groups would compete as representatives of their respective schools. The winners would receive attractive prizes, including an internship with a renowned recording studio and the pretigious Minister of Law Challenge Throphy for their school. The 'Finale' was held at the Singpaore Polytechnic Convention Centre on the 22nd June 2012 from 3pm onwards. Th guest of honour was the Senior Parlimentary Secretary for Education and Law, Miss Sim Ann

The program for the Fiesta is devised and run by Lecturers from the Diploma in Music and Auido Technology (DMAT) and utilizes students of DMAT as Mentors. These student Mentors help participants better understand the material delivered in the lectures and demos.

DMAT is a diploma run by the School of Digital Media & InfoComm Technology (DMIT)

I am an anti-pirate

Day 1:

Day 1 started off with a short briefing by Timothy Rodrigues and Bob. All the mentors were thrilled and ready for the event to get started. We headed to MLT8 (Main Lecture Theatre) for a welcom adress by Ms Georgina Phua, Director of the School of Digital Media and InfoComm Technology, welcoming the participating students from the various Secondary Schools. After that, the mentors and students were split into their groups, Allegro (Teams 1-9), Brilliante (Teams 10-18) and Crescendo (Teams 19-28). Each group then began the icebreaking with Bryan Tsao, Sharon Lee and Serene Teo leading them respectively. Games such as 'Blow wind Blow' and 'Good morning game' were played, where both mentors and participants got to know each other better.

The 'Ice Breakers' were fun.

"Eh, how come my plate so small?"

Once the icebreaking was over we then had a nice tea break before attending the competition brief and a Song Writing lecture by SP DMAT's very own Tim R! Tim covered topics such as strong structure and chord progressions, giving examples such as Sting's 'Fields of gold', the Beatles 'Hey jude', Keith Urban's hilarious one chord song and a recently popular song, 'Party Rock Anthem' by LMFAO. Filled with inspiration, the participants then headed home for the day.

Day 2:

At the beginning of Day 2, participants were given time to work on their competition song, in their Teams. Each Team consited of 4 participants. Each Team represented their school.

A tea break of scrumptious food was given to fill everyones stomachs, after which they headed to MLT 8, for a lecture about music & copyright by Colin & Ivy of Ocean Butterflies and Touch Music Publishing, respectively. Local artist Jack and Rai then performed for the students, playing songs such as the 'Falala song' and 'Fiona'. Their insightful sharing/performance was very 'cool' and at times extremely funny causing uproar of laughter from participants on several occasions.

Jack & Rai Get ready.

Participants enjoying the Lecture on Melody.

Jack and Rai shared their life's experience in the industry and inspired the students to write their songs.

After Jack and Rai, ther was a lunch break. After lunch, Michael Spicer, a SP DMAT lecturer, gave the participants a lecture where they were shown several useful ways to create a melody. After that the participants worked on their original song till dismissal at 5pm.

Day 3:

The day began with a lecture by SP DMAT lecturer Gerald Lim about lyrics and song structure. Examples such as 'Dear Agony' by Breaking Benjamin and the Foo Fighters 'Walk' were played; exposing the participants to music and song structures, some of which they might not have heard before. Armed with this new knowledge, the participants then spent the rest of Day 3 working and polishing their song. Not forgetting the MacDonald's lunch we had that day kindly sponsored by SP. (Thanks Sharlin and team!). It was a truly awsome day.

Gerald doing his thing.

Let's get this song right.

Day 4:

As Day 4 started, the students were practicing real-hard and adding final touch-ups to their song to get it ready for the Auditions. Knowing it's one of the last few days together with their mentees, many mentors put-in an extra effort to bond with their participants and help them prepare their song. Auditions were held in MLT8. The Judges were, Angelia Chia from IPOS, Varian Lim from SP and Lee Hua Chang of Ocean Butterflies. They would select 10 teams to go to the 'Finale', at the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre (SPCC). The 'Finale' would take place the next day, Friday the 22nd June and the top 10 Teams would compete for the top 3 prizes.

"We're ready to perform - yeah."

I am an Anti-Pirate!

After a good show and awsome songs composed by the participants, the judges had a really hard time deciding which teams deserved to go to the Finale. While the Judges were deliberating, the participants and mentors had a specially catered Pizza Hut lunch, followed by a tour of some of the facilities at DMIT, such as the Visual Effects Studio, Game Design Studio and the MAD Hub.

After a long deliberation, the judges decided that they would select 8 groups to go into the Finale, while the groups that did not get in were given a second chance to audition for the last two places the next day, which meant that there were an extra Audition session at 9am in the morning at MLT 12. Some teams stayed back to practice and touch up songs, hoping to get into the last 2 places for the Finale.

Day 5:

Excitement fills the air as the last day of Music fiesta starts with an audition for the last 2 places in finals. A dramatic turn of events happened when the judges actually let in 3 teams for the Finale instead of 2, increasing the total number of Teams in the finals to11. Even though Teams that did not get-in were disappointed, their mentors were there to cheer them up. The Teams that did not make-it to the Fianle, were given a tour of the DMAT studios in DMIT, while over at SPCC (Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre) the finalist were sound checking and rehearsing on-stage, to get ready for the 'Finale'.

"Our last chance to get in – Lets give it our best shot."

Displaying great sportsmanship, the Teams that did not get in to the Finale, were all eager to watch the Finale, to cheer on the friends that they made during the Fiesta.

The Finale opened with SP's very own band, Victoria Street, playing two wonderful originals. The finals began with all the groups performing what their songs, putting on a spectacular show for all to see.

It was remarkable to hear the brilliant songs Teams in the Finale. It was hard to imagine that the Teams only started composing these songs a few days back.

After the Teams had finished performing, Jack and Rai performed some of their wonderful songs for everyone, as the Judges made their decisions. This was followed by a inspirational closing speech by Ms Sim Ann, the Senior Parlimentary Secretary for Education and Law, where she said that she was happy to see that the message of 'Originality and Honoring Intellectual Property' was indeed throughly understood by all participants. Tension builds as the judges, Gerald Lim from SP, Viktor Cheng from IPOS and Zennon Goh from Ocean Butterflies return to reveal the winners.

"I think the audience really likes our song."

They winners are:

1st place:

Team 14 from Cedar Girls sec - Mentors Nicholas Wong (Most Valuable Mentor) & Cassandra Chng

2nd place:

Team 20 from Cedar Girls sec - Mentors Serene Teo & Angeline Ng

3rd place:

Team 7 from Evergreen sec - Mentors Johann Tan & Lim Wen Liang

Most popular song:

Team 27 from Ahmad Ibrahim sec - Mentors Wong Wai Huin and Esther Soh

The Winners – Full of Pride and Joy.

Tears and shouts of joy can be heard and seen by both mentors and students during the closing ceremony. As Bob – our great Mentor Leader gives a final debrief for the mentors. The tiring but extremely fun and meaningful week has finally come to an end.

The DMAT Mentors say – "we'll see you next year – count on it"

"Friends Always"

"Very good exposure for mentors to songwriting as well as secondary school students to the Polytechnic" - Ryan Tan, Year 2 DMAT

"I am an Anti-Pirate." - Linus Cheng, Year 1 DMAT

Till next June – see you all at the next ‘The Originals IP Champion Music Fiesta 2013 – Yeah – its gonna be awsome.

So, till we meet again for the next years 'The Originals - IP Champion Music Fiesta 2013', stay healthy and happy and most importantly – keep on rocking – yeah.

'He's the Man' Our Mentor Leader and a truly great leaser, Bob Choo – Thanks Bob it's been an awsome Fiesta.



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