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DDA/DVEMG Visit to Digipen Institute of Technology

13 August 2012

Third year students from the Diploma in Digital Animation (DDA) and the Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (DVEMG) visited the Digipen Institute of Technology together and were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff to the cubic-shaped building that houses the school.

The Chair of the BFA in Digital Art & Animation, Mr. Calvin Tan, introduced us to the programmes available for our students and showcased his student’s current and past works. He gave the students a reality check when he shared the current employment trend in the computer graphics industry where employers would most likely consider hiring you when you are a fast learner/worker, give your employer bang-for-their-bucks and offer your own uniqueness or strengths that will be valuable to the company.

He also explained to the DVEMG students that the BFA course isn’t just focused on animation as the modules that the students choose may consist of visual effects related subjects. He ended by saying that the school is not producing animators per say, but rather “We are training them to be Digital Artists in any field that they intend to pursue.”

  In order to survive in this industry,
  you need to offer your own
  uniqueness or strength that is
  valuable to the company
  – Mr. Calvin Tan, BFA in
  Digital Art & Animation Chair

Khidir Suhami, final year DDA student, reflected, “When we reached the campus, I was shocked at the modest size of the school but after the tour and seeing the works that are coming out of here, I think Digipen did not let this physical constraint get in the way of their creativity and teaching.”

DDA students who are interested to further their studies will be able to gain credit exemption on a case-by-case basis to shorten the time needed to obtain the BFA in Digital Art & Animation. For more information on Digipen Institute of Technology, please visit

  A campus filled with high calibre students
  and their works.

  Sculpting Studio where the students witnessed
  the Works-In-Progress displayed.

  Tour of the facilities by the administrator
  of the Institute.

  Look Development (LookDev) sample student
  works using traditional and digital media.



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