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A Visit to the House

27 September 2012

DISM Students gathering at the front of Parliament House

A Visit to the House

Three groups of students, who were enrolled in the Ethics and Law of IT and Media and Computer Law and Investigation modules from the Information Technology, Infocomm Security Management, and Digital Media courses, were granted special privilege to visit Parliament House, the dignified and stately group of buildings in the Civic District, to better understand and appreciate the main function of our elected parliamentarians.

Students got to tour the grounds and common areas of Parliament House, appreciating the numerous artefacts, such as the Mace and the Speaker's Chair, which lined the tour route. The highlight of the tours was the visit to The Chamber, via The Strangers' Gallery, to get a first-hand look at the hall where all parliamentary businesses are conducted. On top of the visits, the students were briefed on the legislative process on how Bills are introduced; the debates that take place in The Chamber, and how the President's assent is given for the Bills to become laws.

Throughout the visits, students were most interested to know the key question: "where does the Prime Minister sits in The Chamber?" Also, "who sits directly opposite the Prime Minister?" The answers to the questions will only be revealed if you pay a visit to the House.


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