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DIT Hearts Tokyo

24 October 2012

Tokyo, Japan. Home of Manga, Anime, Nintendo, Sony Playstation, and of course, Gundam. In September 2012, 22 students from the School of Digital Media & Infocomm Technology flew more than 5000 kilometers to Tokyo, Japan, to make the ultimate pilgrimage of their student lives. The group included 19 students from the Diploma in Information Technology(DIT) Game Development Option, and 3 from the Diploma in Digital Animation.

Yes! All checked in, and ready to fly!
The students had worked hard during their semester developing games for assignments, competitions and final year projects, so the visit to the capital of Japanese games culture was a well-deserved break and reward. The Year 2 DIT students, including Class Leader, Cheung Wai Tung, had been enthusiastically planning the trip for months with their lecturer, Mr Alvin Tang. All these done with a full load of assignments, and winning a competition. Not bad, some might say.
Hilmi (right) with his hero, Square Enix CTO
Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tekken, Soul Calibur. If you recognise the aforementioned games, you are a probably a fan like our students, and will empathise with their barely concealed excitement at visiting the headquarters of their game-making idols, Square Enix, and Namco Bandai. DIT Game Development Option student, Muhd Hilmi Abdul Rahim gushed, “I can’t believe I met Yoshihisa Hashimoto, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Square Enix! I was so excited to meet him in person! To top it off, he personally showed us a very impressive real-time tech demo of Final Fantasy’s Agni’s Philosophy!”
TGS crowds, everywhere we turned!
The Study Tour was planned to specially coincide with a special event close to the students’ hearts. With tickets to the Tokyo Game Show 2012, the students got to witness the launch and play pre-release games and technologies from over 209 companies and organisations from over 19 countries. TGS was visited by more than 220,000 visitors this year!
Anime & Manga Heaven at Akihabara!
And of course, no trip to Tokyo is complete without visiting cultural highlights like Akihabara for Anime heaven, Asakusa for the famous Sensoji temple and Nakamise street, Harajuku for the coolest fashion and Meiji Shrine for a tranquil break, and of course, taking in aerial sights of city at the Tokyo Tower.
With our hosts (and Pac-Man) from Namco Bandai
Throughout the 7 days Tokyo Study Tour, the students visited top game companies at their headquarters, and learnt about the latest industry practices and technologies, and were always impressed by the Japanese people, culture and processes. Our hosts from the game companies were always generous and friendly.
Enjoying a quiet moment at Meiji Shrine.
While everyone will never forget their visits to the game companies, the Tokyo Game Show, and the many cultural hotspots, 2 things will stay and never get washed away by time: Friendships that grew stronger, and the independence they gained by travelling to many off-the-beaten-track places on their own. See you at Tokyo Game Show 2013!

About DMIT’s Tokyo Study Trip

DMIT organises Study Trips for students to expose them to real-world, industry environments, where they experience first-hand technologies and cultures, and meet people from a different country. The Diploma in Information Technology offers a Game Development Option where students start specialising in making PC, console, and smart phone games from their 2nd year. Prior to this visit, DIT students have had internships across the United States, from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles.

Photos courtesy of Alvin Tang, Ang Jun Yao, Cheung Wai Tung, Lim Yi Yan, and Muhd Hilmi bin Abdul Rahim.

Read more about their trip at

Arriving at Akihabara by train
At Mobage, a top mobile game platform developer
DIT student, Marcus, crossing a street
in Akihabara to find more treasures
The life-size Gundam model in Odaiba
New friendships are made, in Asakusa
Sensory overload at Harajuku
Wai Tung gets up close and personal
with her dream guy, Gundam



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