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Rise of the App Knights

06 Nov 2012

Brandon Tan (left) at SP's Mobfest 2012
Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) student Brandon Tan is reaping the benefits of turning what he has learnt from his course into reality. The final-year student took part in the Nokia Knight Program and walked away with two major prizes.
Operating as a one-man-team, he managed to win 2 prizes at the Nokia Knight Program: one in the Starter Category for being one of the first 10 teams to have three apps published on the Windows Phone Marketplace, and another in the Hero Category for scoring the highest number of downloads amongst all participants. Brandon has also come out tops with his Android and iOS apps in other competitions, such as SP’s Mobfest 2012, with his team’s iPhone App, MediJournal.
Best App Winner Mhd Azharuddin (center)
In addition to Brandon, another team of 20 second-year DIT students, under the team name “La Familia Games”, mentored by lecturer Alvin Tang, won three prizes in the same competition. In addition to winning in the Starter Category for being one of the first 10 teams to publish three apps, they also won prizes in the Hero Category for the Team with the Most Number of Published Apps (19 created in total), and Team with the Best App (Flag Raiser).
The DIT students fought hard against competitors from other institutions like Nanyang Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University and Institute of Technical Education. The 20 students in the La Familia Games Team are Edgar Wong, Eugene Tan, Leslie Lau, Benjamin Tan, Muhd Hilmi, Jeric Yim, Cheung Wai Tung, Koo Chin Chye, Wong Zheng Yang, Muhd Azharuddin, Mohd Nashrulhaq, Muhd Nur Randy, Khiew Jian Bin, Marcus Ho, Song Jun Quan, Ang Jun Yao, Lin Chun Yi, Dickson Ang, Lim Ta Eu and Chee Zhong Xian.
La Familia Games team celebrating their Triple Win!
Class Leader Wai Tung accepting the prize on behalf of the team
Brandon won himself a Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone and cash prize of US$3000, while the La Familia Games Team reaped US$6,000 and a Nokia Lumia 710 smartphone.
The current 2nd year cohort of 20 DIT students taking the Game Development Option in the Diploma in Information Technology is a bunch of prolific app developers. Within just one semester, they have developed and published more than 30 games. Through working in small groups, they leveraged on each other’s best skills ranging from programming to art to game design. Their apps, covering a wide range of genres from casual games to 3D shooters, are available as free downloads on the Windows Phone Marketplace.
Kudos to lecturer Alvin Tang, mentor of these future game developers, for patiently guiding them over the years. Alvin himself is an avid developer and was amongst the first to have his app idea approved for Nokia’s #LumiaAppsChallenge. His first app, Blast Bunnies! received more than 3,000 downloads in two weeks.
About Mobile Game Development and the Nokia Knight Program

The Nokia Knight Program is a competition for students and lecturers to flaunt their mobile application development and creative thinking skills by competing amongst the best and gain recognition as a Nokia Knight. Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Information Technology is the only course that offers a full-time Mobile Game Development module that takes students from development to publishing and monetising their apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace.



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