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Winning SP film and illustrations at China-Wuhan 2012 World Students Digital Arts Exhibition Tree (WAE3)

22 Nov 2012

Two character illustrators from SP DDA and one 2D animation project from SP DDM 3D Animation option managed to be shortlisted to exhibit their artwork at the China-Wuhan 2012 World Students Digital Arts Exhibition Tree. It is a digital arts convention spanning across four Asian countries, and will be held from 24th November to 28th November this year.

Amassing strong support from professional organizations, tertiary institutions and enterprises from Singapore, China, Japan and Korea, WAE3 convention's target objectives are "Authority, Originality, Academically and Internationality". Under the event theme of "Asian Wisdom- A Harmonious Co-existence", the event seeks to discover top regional digital media talent, and spur the study and research, education, comprehensive industry exchange and development of digital arts through the interaction and mutual assessment of digital media works from all four countries.

All the works supported by strong and creative concept, meticulously completed over limited period of time are presented below. Enjoy.
The Sky King

The Sky King is a humanoid creature that floats within the clouds, away from the land dwellers below. He is able to control the weather and hides all the sky creatures behind the clouds he creates.

This piece started with a sketch for a story idea I had, I felt that this sketch held something special so I decided to paint it. I didn't really expect to win and I am very thankful for the approval of my art.


'Hadeanguis', a stoic medusa little girl, was a character I created back when I was a freshman. As I grew older in terms of skills and age, I wanted to draw her again older as if she grew up just like I did.

My objective for this illustration was to create a serene and elegant compositon and environment while emphasising the two main things I enjoy drawing: cute girls and flowy costume. Drawn and painted in Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS5, 10+ hours.

The Snatcher

A colourful traditionally animated short film full of wonders and mysteries. Snatcher is about one little girl trapped in her fantasy, trying to find her parents, which lead her to inevitable conclusion.

The snatcher was clinched Silver Award at the Crowbar 2012



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