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SP DMAT Students part of the Production Crew at the Global Chinese Music Awards Show

SP DMAT Students part of the Production Crew at the Global Chinese Music Awards Show

The Global Chinese Music Awards (GCMA) show was held on the 1st and 2nd November 2012 at Singapore Indoor Stadium, the biggest concert venue in Singapore.

Students from SP’s DMAT course were a part of the production crew and got the unique opportunity to learn many things through a practical hands-on experience that can’t be learnt from daily lessons and lectures.

The students learnt that it is very important to be proficient in their own field before they can actually assume the key roles of a big event like this. This might be something that most people think of as a ‘given’ but through this event the students were reminded of this fact when they were dealing with top-notch artistes from all over Asia and needed to be able to produce results for them quickly and effectively.

Though the two-day event was tiring for the students, they did enjoy the real-world experience and have gained a lot of insights from working on this event. Here are some photos of their journey.

Day 1: Soundcheck one day before the event
The VENUE digital console for the Front Of House (FOH)
The Mediacorp broadcast van
Day 2 : Actual event
Event finale
Production pass for the event

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