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Pulsating Lifeline

LifeLine was a student initiated project by a team of five graduates (Kugan – Team leader, Lau Huiting, Amresh Kumar, Izzat and Nazrul Nizam) from the Diploma in Information Technology. A mammoth development process of eight months and approximately more than 600 man working hours was dedicated to LifeLine.The key inspiration for creating such a project was drawn from the team leader’s national service days with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).
Team LifeLine –
Back row from left (Amresh Kumar, Kugan Kobalakrisna)
Front row from left (Nazrul Nizam, Lau Huiting, Izzat Bin Ridzwan)
The application was solely developed to give back to an organization which upholds a strong core value of Pride and Care – (We take Pride in saving lives and property. We Care for our people and those we serve), and does not require or expect any form of returns which definitely are admirable qualities of the many SCDF service men and women who put their lives at risk for another.

The LifeLine mobile application is aimed to assist the field paramedics during an emergency deployment. It provides information related to the patient and notifies the nearest hospital on the arrival time of ambulance and provides a status update of the patient. It allows the paramedics to send immediate patient related information to the Doctors within an Accident and Emergency (A&E) department to get immediate advice. The main aim of this application is to help and save as many patients within the shortest spam of time and to commence treatment on the go within the ambulance.

A humble yet significant idea, the LifeLine Mobile Application will be able to save more lives in times of emergencies. This application is of absence in Singapore presently, and it is a one of a kind mobile application innovation with a solution to a rising medical population. Through the assistance, research analyses and creativities’ of the team, they were able to explore further into the common medical needs in Singapore and generate an intuitive and cutting edge prototype which will assist paramedics and doctors in treating a casualty in the matter of a few clicks.
Kugan (team leader of LifeLine) receiving the Gold Award for Tertiary category at the presentation ceremony of the SiTF Awards 2012
LifeLine has been lauded with laurels since its first demonstration. It has garnered awards such as the SiTF Gold Award for tertiary category at the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) Awards 2012. The Commendation Award from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Innovation Festival – SAFE Programme 2012. It also received special mention from Minister S Iswaran during his opening address at the Innovation Festival 2012.
Kugan(team leader of LifeLine) accepting the Merit Award
from the crown Prince of Brunei at
the Asia-Pacific Alliance (APICTA) Awards 2012
To add on to its credentials, LifeLine represented Team Singapore and competed with 20 other top universities around the Asia-Pacific region, and won the Merit Award for tertiary category at the Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards 2012 at Brunei Darussalam. A true honour brought back to Singapore for Singapore Polytechnic.

Through the credentials attained, the team hopes that LifeLine could live up to their dream of an application that practically saves lives – "With LifeLine, we save lives".
Commendation Award from MHA SAFE Programme 2012 and special mention quote
from the opening address of Minister S Iswaran at the Innovation Festival 2012
Gold Medal awarded to team LifeLine at the
SiTF Awards Ceremony 2012
Kugan with the Merit Award for LifeLine
at APICTA 2012; Brunei Darussalam



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