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Studying in San Francisco

Digital Media and Infocomm Technology students visit California for a study trip.

September saw 30 Singapore Polytechnic (SP) students from the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology go on a study trip to San Francisco, California for two weeks. They stayed at the dormitory at the Cornerstone Academy.

Students gained insights into the US working culture on various assignments. They were brought to various places related to their course industry such as AutoDesk, Adobe, LucasFilm, Plug and Play Tech Centre and Pixar. They were also brought to the Expressions of Digital Art College to learn about their degree programmes.

Students at LucasFilm

The students also had an eye-opening experience doing volunteer work, helping to serve the homeless at Glide Memorial (featured in the film "The Pursuit of Happiness").

The students also got to tour the popular tourist spots of San Francisco such as the Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square (shopping district), Golden Gate Bridge and the majestic Muir Woods.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The study trip was one to remember not only because it was overseas, but because it allowed students to bond with their school mates from other courses. "It was interesting to work with the Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics students on assignment. As this was a rare chance, I really cherished the experience," recalled Diploma in Interactive Media (DIxM) student Sherman Siah.

DIxM student, Maisara shared the same sentiments, saying, "I made so many new friends, even some close ones. I miss having breakfast, watching the sunrise and playing table tennis with them every night after dinner."

Visit to Apple
Walt Disney Museum
Visit to AutoDesk
Visit to Pixar
Helping out at Glide Memorial
Expressions of Digital Art College



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