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DIT/DCIS Alumni Homecoming 2013

  • Rediscover fond memories.
  • Reminisce the good old days.
  • Catch up with ex-classmates and lecturers.

These are the taglines used in the DIT/DCIS Homecoming. The event was held on 1 February 2013 at the Hall in Singapore Polytechnic. We managed to gather a total of 51 alumni and staff.

The evening began with a cocktail reception, where the graduates and lecturers had a chance to mingle and renew old ties with one another. The event officially started at 7.15pm All alumni and lecturers were invited into the Hall, where Ms Georgina Phua, DMIT Director and Mr Song Nay Hay, the former DMIT director (who is now the director of Department of Industry Services), gave a heart-warming welcome speech to everyone.


After that, the alumni got into game and was recalling back their good old days with us. The event then flowed to dinner time. Live music was performed by our very own Diploma in Music and Audio Technology (DMAT) students, while everyone was having the sumptuous dinner.


After the dinner, Ms. Nurul from SP Alumni Relation Office shared with all the alumni the benefits and perks of staying connected with SP and the privileges of joining SP Graduate Guild (SPGG).

The night ended with classrooms tour, where all alumni had a chance to visit the buildings and classrooms they used to spend quality time with their fellow classmates and lecturers, leaving beautiful memories that will stay in their hearts.

The reunion was jointly organised by the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) and The Alumni Relations Office (ARO).



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