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Augmented Reality

4 April 2013

Students from Diploma of Digital Animation ( DDA ), Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics ( DVEMG ) had the opportunity to attend a Digital Augmented Reality Workshop where students were able to learn about Augmented Reality from the 1st of April to the 4th of April 2013.
The workshop was led by Professor John Craig Freeman from the Emerson College in Boston, USA. Professor John Craig Freeman, known for his works in public art, guided the students through a four day workshop. During the four day workshop, students learnt the basics of Augmented Reality. They were taught how to convert their 3D models into LAYAR 3D models, which can then be viewed through any smartphone. The students also learnt how to create and manage their own Augmented Reality database.
Towards the end of the workshop, Prof. Freeman announced that students will have the opportunity to showcase their works at many of Singapore important landmarks. This showcase coincides with the Digital Art Weeks Singapore (9th – 19th of May 2013) that are organized by DAW International under the impulsion of artist and curator Arthur Clay and supported by swissnex Singapore. The Digital Art Weeks will combine Arts and Science for a collaborative event that will showcase various exhibitions, symposia and artworks in many locations throughout Singapore. Interactivity, new technologies and innovation will be at the heart of the programme, inviting visitors to discover new ways of experiencing Art.
Finishing the workshop, SP DDA and DVEMG students tested their final progress by uploading their original 3D models to SP courtyard. All participants will have to string together their works to form a floating parade that will be showcased at Digital Art Weeks Singapore. They were thankful to be awarded opportunity to expose their works on a larger scale than what they are normally used to.



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